Astrology & The Human Game Book 1: Foundations of Happiness (Digital Edition)

$19.95 each

Astrology is how human beings have always answered the ultimate questions. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have looked to the night sky and told stories about the movements of the planets to answer questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything. This is the origin of astrology.

In the beginning, there was astrology.

But before there was astrology, there was story.

Astrology evolved from stories, and we use astrology to tell stories. So, the way to get better answers from astrology is to tell better astrology stories. To tell better astrology stories, first you have to understand how stories work and what makes a better story. That's where the Human Game(TM) comes in.

The Human Game is a philosophy based on the idea that the Universe is made up of stories. If everything is story, when you understand how stories work you can understand anything-including astrology. To demonstrate how astrology stories work, we'll work with the natal chart and the most basic components of the language of astrology.

We'll take a journalistic approach to astrology stories and explore how different components of the language of astrology-the planet, modality, element, and house-answer specific questions, including What, What Else, How, Which, and Where.

If you're already familiar with the language of astrology, you will discover new ways to work with the simplest components. And if you're new to astrology this program will include everything you need to tell astrology stories.

Along the way, you'll experience a new, dynamic approach to natal astrology. You'll learn how to build a foundation of happiness and experience your Happily Ever After. And you'll use astrology stories to assemble a Happiness GPS that gives you turn-by-turn directions to the best possible outcome in any situation.