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Kevin B. BurkFor a limited time I am accepting new clients for one-time astrology consultations. I am only offering Personal Practical Astrology chart readings at this time.

What is a Personal Practical Astrology chart reading?

Personal Practical Astrology is unlike any astrology reading you have ever experienced. For one thing, it doesn’t focus on the signs of the planets. Instead, it explores the relationships between the planets and the houses they rule in your chart. 

Think of your life as a jigsaw puzzle. You assemble the millions of pieces to reveal the meaning and purpose. The more pieces you fit together, the more your life makes sense and the happier you are. Some of the pieces are personal: they relate to the day-to-day experiences of your life, like your money, your relationships, your job, or your creativity. Other pieces are universal: they relate to bigger, abstract concepts like responsibility, feelings, integrity, faith, or anger. 

Every time you connect a personal puzzle piece with a Universal Puzzle Piece, you have a “light bulb moment.” You flip a switch, and suddenly, you see a part of your life differently. You catch a glimpse of the truth of how you, personally fit in the universe, and that truth makes you happy. 

The planets in your birth chart are the Universal Puzzle Pieces, and the houses they rule are the personal puzzle pieces. And during your Personal Practical Astrology reading, you will discover how those pieces fit together for you. 

We begin with the question of happiness because that’s what really matters.

Happiness is a big, complicated topic. Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness looks different to each person. We’ll begin by considering what happiness is for you by exploring the planet that rules your First House. We’ll also consider your Eleventh House, which is what you think you need to acquire to become happy. 

Once we’ve established a foundation of what happiness is for you, we’ll consider other areas of your life, such as your money, your job, or your relationships. During the second half of the session, we can explore specific questions or concerns that you may have in greater detail.

I am not currently offering any predictive astrology in these consultations. These sessions will NOT consider any upcoming cycles, triggers, progressions, or transits to your chart. 

My fee for a 90-minute Personal Practical Astrology chart reading is $200.

The consultation will be conducted via Skype. I will record the session and send you an MP3 (audio only) file once the session has ended. 

Privacy Policy

I do not discuss or share any information about my clients with anyone under any circumstances. Everything that we discuss will be held in strict confidence. 

You are free to share whatever you like about the experience with whomever you like, but my lips will always be sealed.

Cancellation Policy

Once we schedule a consultation, if you need to change the appointment or cancel for any reason, I expect you to provide me with at least 24 hours notice. If you are not able to provide me with 24 hours advance notice, you will have to pay for the missed appointment. 

If I need to reschedule for any reason and I’m not able to give you at least 24 hours notice, there will be no charge for the consultation.