Astrological Relationship Handbook

Serendipity Press, 2006

Astrological Relationship Handbook: How to Use Astrology to Understand Every Relationship in Your Life

“The Only Relationship Astrology Book You Will Ever Need”

When most people begin to study astrology, the first thing they want to know is what their birth chart has to say about them. The second thing they want to know is what their birth chart has to say about their relationships.

This is hardly surprising. Relationships are the most important aspects of our lives. From the moment we arrive on Earth to the moment we depart, we experience relationships of all kinds with other individuals. Sometimes these relationships are supportive, and sometimes they present challenges. Some people have a knack for maintaining strong and healthy relationships. The rest of us, however, wish we had some help.

That help has finally arrived!

In this handbook, you will learn everything you need to use astrology to understand and improve your relationships. You will learn how to use classical astrology to create a context for understanding each individual birth chart. And you will learn how to build on this foundation to discover how to compare two natal charts and identify the key challenges and opportunities in any relationship.

This handbook reveals all of the astrology behind The Relationship Handbook: How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life.

The Astrological Relationship Handbook will reveal…

  • How to use the birth chart to unlock the secrets of exactly what you need in every one of your relationships.
  • Why the Sun has NOTHING to do with compatibility (and which planets you SHOULD be considering!). 
  • The only way to evaluate compatibility in relationships by considering two individuals and not two charts.
  • …and much, much more!

Learn about the companion book, The Relationship Handbook, here!

NEW! Astrological Relationship Handbook Digital FlipBook Edition

Both The Relationship Handbook and the Astrological Relationship Handbook are now available in Digital FlipBook editions. Both PC and MAC versions are included (note, Digital FlipBooks may not run on mobile devices). 

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