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Kevin B. Burk is Available for Podcast Interviews!

Kevin is currently accepting interview requests for podcasts interested in exploring astrology from the context of happiness, self-improvement, spirutality, and consciousness. 

How to improve your life and create happiness with Personal Practical Astrology

Astrology promises big personal insights, but it never quite delivers on those promises. Your birth chart is supposed to be able to answer the most important questions in your life. But the answers to those questions are either so general and impersonal they could apply to anyone or they’re so complicated and specific, you can’t do anything with them. 

The problem is that most astrology isn’t personal, and most personal astrology isn’t practical. But all that’s about to change. 

Internationally acclaimed astrologer and author, Kevin B. Burk, has developed a radical new approach to exploring the birth chart — one that does not focus on the signs of the zodiac or how the qualities of those signs influence the personality. 

The Personal Practical Astrology approach, which is grounded in thousands of years of traditional astrology, focuses on the connection between the planets (the Universal Puzzle Pieces that represent the big, abstract concepts that make us human) and the houses (the personal puzzle pieces that represent the actual parts of your daily life). 

When you connect a Universal Puzzle Piece with a personal puzzle piece, it creates a “light bulb moment.” Suddenly, something small, yet important about your life makes perfect sense to you. And you can leverage these personal connections in your chart and actually use them to improve every part of your life, including your money, your relationships, your job, your creativity, and even your happiness. 



If your birth chart is so unique, why is it that most astrology interpretations are so vague and generalized? 

How is it possible to interpret the birth chart without interpreting the signs?

Why is the birth time so important? 

Why do so many people think that astrology can predict your future?

How can you use astrology to improve your life and create happiness? 


Can astrology actually make you happy?

If we have free will, how can your birth chart tell you about your life or your future?

How do you combine astrology and consciousness?

What is archetypal astrology and how does it work? 

How do you integrate spiritual practices with astrology?


For longer interviews (60 minutes minimum) I can offer a mini Personal Practical Astrology reading with you, the host. I would need your full birth information in advance (date, time, location of birth), and you can choose from one of three topics to explore: happiness, money, or relationships.


Kevin B. Burk is the Headmaster of The Real Astrology Academy, which provides astrology information, education, and training to astrologers and astrology students around the world. He has been counseling as an astrologer since 1998, teaching astrology since 2000, and is the author of 12 books (and counting), including two textbooks on how to interpret the natal chart and a series of books on understanding and improving human relationships.

Burk incorporates traditional astrology, spirituality, and consciousness into his approach to chart interpretation. He is dedicated to the pursuit of practical astrology—astrology you can actually use to improve your life and create happiness—and he ruthlessly applies critical thinking to every aspect of astrology. 

His website, TheRealAstrology.com offers online astrology classes, workshops, and training programs, personal and spiritual development programs through The Real Astrology Academy Mystery School, and also private sessions for astrological and/or spiritual counseling.