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Kevin B. Burk is Available for Podcast Interviews!

Kevin is currently accepting interview requests for podcasts interested in exploring how astrology and the Human Game can help you achieve your goals, explore your potential, and experience happiness. 

How to Solve the Happiness Problem with the Human Game™

The Human Game is a philosophy based on the idea that the Universe is made up of stories. Story is the smallest practical unit of reality. When you understand how story works, you understand how reality works—and when you improve your story, you improve your reality.

To solve the happiness problem we first need to understand the difference between a problem and an obstacle.

An obstacle is anything that interferes with your ability to achieve an external goal. Anything that stands between you and something you want is an obstacle.

A problem is anything that interferes with your happiness.

Just because something is an obstacle doesn’t mean it has to be a problem. An obstacle is only a problem if not getting what you want means you won’t be happy.

Part of the happiness problem is that getting what you want doesn’t make you happy.

It’s true that getting what you want doesn’t make you happy. But getting what you want doesn’t prevent you from being happy, either. Getting what you want is fun. But getting what you want has nothing to do with feeling happy.

Think of the Human Game as an astrology-based reality role playing game.

It’s a game, so the point is to have FUN. It’s a role playing game because you play the role of your character — the hero of the Story of Your Life. You get to choose your own adventure. Much like fantasy role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, your character has a set of skills and attributes. As you overcome obstacles and gain experience, you can uplevel your character to become more powerful and accomplish bigger and better goals. Unlike fantasy role-playing games, the Human Game turns your entire reality into a game.

You’re not navigating a fantasy world of swords and sorcery and you’re not battling virtual terrorists.

You’re confronting the perils of a Monday morning staff meeting—and you’re using tools and strategies from your unique birth chart to WIN.

You’ll create a Happiness GPS that uses astrology and your unique birth chart to give you turn-by-turn directions to the best possible outcome in any situation.

You’ll use the Value Compass to find your purpose and stay connected to what matters the most to you so you can keep your eye on the prize.

And you’ll work with a map of the City of Your Life to help you explore the potential of the Story of Your Life and win the prizes of the Human Game.


The Human Game Experience: The Quest for Happiness

Why are stories so important?

How does the Human Game work with the different levels of story?

What’s the difference between a problem and an obstacle?

How do you solve the happiness problem?

How do you win the Human Game?

How is the Human Game a reality role playing game?

What does astrology have to do with the Human Game?

Tell Better Astrology Stories with Astrology and the Human Game™

What do stories have to do with astrology?

Why is it important to tell better astrology stories?

How can the Human Game help you to tell better astrology stories?

What's the journalistic approach to astrology?

How do astrology and the Human Game combine to create the Happiness GPS? 

How can people learn how to work with astrology and the Human Game? 

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Kevin B. Burk is the Headmaster of The Real Astrology Academy and the creator of the Human Game. He has been counseling and coaching as an astrologer since 1998, teaching astrology since 2000, and is the author of more than a dozen books. While conducting an astrology training program in 2021, Burk began to play with the story of the Human Game. Within a few months, Burk discarded the entire curriculum at The Real Astrology Academy. As of 2023, The Real Astrology Academy no longer teaches astrology: it teaches how to Tell Better Astrology Stories™ with Astrology and the Human Game.

His website, TheRealAstrologyAcademy.com offers options to learn the Human Game with the Astrology and the Human Game: Foundations of Happiness class and the free Human Game Introduction class, and options to play the Human Game with Personal Coaching Packages.