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Natal Interpretation Foundations Class


Natal Interpretation Foundations Class

The Natal Interpretation Foundations Class teaches you how to offer a Personal Practical Astrology reading that explores how astrology can improve every part of your life without ever interpreting the meaning of planets in signs. By focusing on the connection between the planets (the Universal Puzzle Pieces) and the houses they rule (the personal puzzle pieces) you will see the natal chart clearly for the first time.

This class includes 12 weeks of video lessons and a comprehensive 260+ page workbook that gives you the tools you need to develop the interpretation skills taught in the class.

Natal Interpretation Foundations Training

The Natal Interpretation Foundations Class provides you with everything you need to develop the foundational chart interpretation skills. Doing the work to develop these skills is difficult. And it’s even harder to do it on your own. The Natal Interpretation Foundations Training provides you the structure, support, motivation, and coaching you need to build your interpretation library. Once you’ve completed your library, you will use it to work through the Natal Chart Interpretation Template and interpret two celebrity charts and your own natal chart.

This is the first component of the Talented Astrologer Certification.

Dignity, Debility & The Board of Directors

The Essential Dignities, the heart of Classical Astrology, promise to unlock the secrets of the chart, allowing you to answer detailed questions using only the planets, signs, houses, and major aspects. Unfortunately, almost all of the information available about the Essential and Accidental Dignities and Debilities is confusing. But that's about to change.

This 5-week workshop will show you how to work with Dignity and Debility in the context of Horary, Electional, and Natal Astrology, as well as with Classical Solar Returns.

Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class

The Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class builds on the Natal Interpretation Foundations Class and gives you the tools to be able to answer any question a client asks. You will learn how to incorporate the qualities of the Elements, Modalities, and Signs into your interpretations. You will learn how to work with the Essential Dignities and the Board of Directors to gain insight into hidden patterns and dynamics that influence behaviors. And you will learn how to explore patterns related to relationships, identity, parental issues, unconscious programming, and more.

Natal Interpretation Synthesis Training

The Natal Interpretation Synthesis Training program gives you the opportunity to practice the tools and techniques included in the Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class. You will have the opportunity to explore each question and technique on a variety of different celebrity charts so that you can develop confidence in your skills and abilities with these advanced synthesis skills. Additionally, this training program will focus on creating a final, written interpretation from your notes. This is how you will develop the soft skills needed to synthesize patterns in the natal chart and communicate those insights to the client.

Fundamentals of Astrological & Spiritual Counseling

You have lots of options when it comes to learning the tools and techniques of astrology. But none of those resources prepare you to sit down with an actual client.

Most of what goes on during an astrology consultation isn’t astrology: it’s spiritual counseling. And the more you understand about spiritual counseling, the more effective you’ll be when you use astrology.

Relationship Interpretation Foundations Class

The Relationship Interpretation Foundations Class is the Level 3 education component. You will refine your interpretation technique and synthesis skills as you explore the hidden patterns and lessons in the natal chart. You will explore the human relationship needs of safety (Moon) and validation (Venus), and you will learn to identify the patterns, lessons, and loopholes that make meeting these needs—both as individuals and in the context of human relationships—so challenging. Finally, you will learn how to use synastry to analyze the dynamic of any relationship.

Relationship Interpretation Foundations Training

In the Relationship Interpretation Foundations Training program, you will practice the tools and techniques demonstrated in the Relationship Interpretation Foundations Class, working with a collection of celebrity charts. The Relationship Interpretation Foundations Training will consider the various romantic pairings of Elizabeth Taylor. You will explore and interpret the individual relationship patterns and the dynamic of the pairings between Elizabeth Taylor and a selection of her husbands, including Richard Burton, Nicky Hilton, Eddie Fisher, and John Warner.

Predictive Natal Astrology Class

The foundation of Predictive Natal Astrology is the idea that the potential of your natal chart unfolds over the course of your lifetime. A transit, progression, or direction activates a planet or house in your chart for a period of time, and that part of your life takes center stage. What makes Predictive Natal Astrology so challenging is that you have to interpret every predictive trigger in the context of the natal chart. The Cardinal Rule of Predictive Natal Astrology states, “If it’s not in the natal chart, it won’t ever happen.” The Predictive Natal Astrology Class will teach you how to combine Primary Directions, Classical Solar Returns, and transits to give clients a glimpse of what the coming year has in store.

Predictive Natal Astrology Training

The Predictive Natal Astrology Training program is where you will develop the skills needed to give clients a glimpse into the year ahead. You will practice the tools and techniques demonstrated in the Predictive Natal Astrology Class working with celebrity charts. Calculating the charts and reports for predictive natal astrology requires professional astrology software. However, you do not need any astrology software for this program. All charts and reports, including return charts, transit reports, and time maps that cover the Primary Directions will be provided in this program.

Personal Practical Astrology

Personal Practical Astrology is a guided journey into your unique birth chart. It’s a structured program of self-discovery and personal growth. It combines video classes with a comprehensive custom workbook that’s all about you. It has the benefits of ongoing counseling sessions without the cost. It has the advantages of an astrology class but everything that you learn applies specifically to your chart.

Personal Practical Astrology is the most comprehensive, most accurate, and most practical exploration of your birth chart you have ever experienced — guaranteed!

Practical Prosperity
Practical Prosperity

Practical Prosperity is a self-guided journey that combines video classes, daily spiritual practices, book study, and a workbook, all designed to help you to create wealth, health, and happiness.

Practical Prosperity is built around practical spirituality — spiritual truths that you can actually use and incorporate in your life right now.

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