The Human Game Experience: The Quest for Happiness

The Human Game Experience: The Quest for Happiness
Duration: 2 Years
Price: $199.00

The Astrology-Based Reality Role-Playing Game that Gives You Creative Control Over The Story of Your Life

When you register you will receive immediate access to the Orientation module, which includes tutorial videos, the first section of The Human Game Experience Player's Handbook, and the Human Game Experience Caracter Attributes Worksheet.

You'll receive access to the Week 1 module a few days after that, and then each subsequent module will unlock at the same time each week until you have access to all eight weeks of the program. 

You will receive an email reminder each week when new content is available. 

This is a self-guided game. Eight weeks is the shortest possible time to attain Player Level 8H, but everything is optional, and you can take as much time as you like to explore this program. 

You will have access to the modules and the tutorial videos for two years from your registration date, and you will have the option to extend your membership beyond that, if you like. If you download the PDFs of The Player's Handbook, you have lifetime access to it.