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Human Game Introduction
Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free

The Human Game Introduction Class

This free program consists of an ongoing series of mini-classes that explore different elements of the Human Game. When you register, you'll receive a confirmation eMail, and get access to the first two classes. The other classes in the series will unlock on a preset schedule, and you'll receive an eMail notification each time a new class is available. 

Free Introductory Class

Practical Prosperity
Practical Prosperity

Practical Prosperity is a self-guided journey that combines video classes, daily spiritual practices, book study, and a workbook, all designed to help you to create wealth, health, and happiness.
Practical Prosperity is built around practical spirituality — spiritual truths that you can actually use and incorporate in your life right now.
Watch the Free Introductory Class Here!


Dignity, Debility & The Board of Directors

The Essential Dignities, the heart of Classical Astrology, promise to unlock the secrets of the chart, allowing you to answer detailed questions using only the planets, signs, houses, and major aspects. Unfortunately, almost all of the information available about the Essential and Accidental Dignities and Debilities is confusing. But that's about to change.
This 5-week workshop will show you how to work with Dignity and Debility in the context of Horary, Electional, and Natal Astrology, as well as with Classical Solar Returns.

Fundamentals of Astrological & Spiritual Counseling

You have lots of options when it comes to learning the tools and techniques of astrology. But none of those resources prepare you to sit down with an actual client.
Most of what goes on during an astrology consultation isn’t astrology: it’s spiritual counseling. And the more you understand about spiritual counseling, the more effective you’ll be when you use astrology.

Personal Practical Astrology

Personal Practical Astrology is a guided journey into your unique birth chart. It’s a structured program of self-discovery and personal growth. It combines video classes with a comprehensive custom workbook that’s all about you. It has the benefits of ongoing counseling sessions without the cost. It has the advantages of an astrology class but everything that you learn applies specifically to your chart.
Personal Practical Astrology is the most comprehensive, most accurate, and most practical exploration of your birth chart you have ever experienced — guaranteed!

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