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Gain Creative Control Over The Story of Your Life!

The Human Game is a philosophy based on the idea that the universe is made up of stories. If everything is story, when you understand how story works, you can understand anything.

The Human Game Experience is an astrology-based reality role-playing game that gives you creative control over The Story of Your Life. It's a role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons, but the character you play is the person pictured on your driver's license.

The Human Game Experience turns your entire reality into a game and you get to choose your own adventure. Instead of rolling dice to establish your character’s skills and attributes, you use the astrology of your unique birth chart to solve problems and achieve real world goals. As you overcome obstacles and gain experience, you can uplevel your character to become more powerful and accomplish bigger and better goals.

HGEQH Handbook300px
HGEQH Handbook300px

Video Tutorials, a Player’s Handbook, and Game Play Objectives

The Human Game Experience is an eight-week, online, self-guided program. Each week, you gain access to a new module. The module includes a game play tutorial video, a section of The Human Game Experience Player's Handbookand that week’s game play objectives. The game play objectives help you apply the tools and strategies of The Human Game Experience to your own stories.

As you complete the game play objectives, you earn Player Points, Skill Points, and Experience Points so you can level up your character. When you achieve a new level in The Human Game Experience, you gain real-world skills and abilities. 

But remember: The Human Game Experience is a game. The point is to have fun, and every part of it is optional. 

Even if you do nothing more than watch the weekly tutorial videos, at the end of the program, you will notice a small, but significant increase in your overall happiness. 

Weekly Modules in The Human Game Experience

Interactive Human Game Experience
Character Attributes Worksheet

You don't need to know anything about astrology to play The Human Game Experience!

The Character Attributes Worksheet is an interactive PDF that turns the astrology of your unique birth chart into real-world strategies for success. You’ll visit a free online site to calculate your birth chart and then select the matching symbols in the PDF worksheet. The details of your unique character attributes will fill in automatically.

Check out the tutorial video to see the Character Attributes Worksheet in action!

HGEQH Handbook300px

Human Game Experience Player Testimonials

Ethan B. (Greenwood, IN)

“It’s just fun. I’ve even caught myself telling everybody else in my life. Everything’s just fun now for some reason. And I think back and, like, oh, yeah, that’s what that whole game was about. You’re supposed to be having fun with all this. And it does. I think that’s just the key. I came to realizations about myself, about my story, about my past stories, about my future stories, in ways that I’ve been searching to be able to do most of my life.”

Katie M. (Central Italy)


“I would definitely recommend the Human Game Experience. I would recommend it for anybody who wants to learn some strategies and a new context for how to deal with life and the meaning of their life, but also to figure out, inadvertently, what they want their goals to be in the tangible world. Because, through this process of clearing all these negative stories and learning all these strategies, it does become clear to you at the end what you want to do—not for the sake of proving anything to anyone, or because you think you should, but just for the joy of it, and for the fun of it. And I guess that’s what the Human Game is about.”

Colleen M. (Hamburg, NY)

“The obstacle that would have prevented me from participating in The Human Game Experience is the fear that I am actually creating the stories that I'm living. But knowing now that that's where the power lies, I'm excited to know that the participation is going to be beneficial to me.”

Zsa Zsa K. (New South Wales, Australia)

“I would recommend the Human Game Experience as a way to gather tools to live life, and live life with a grin—with a smile on your face. Even when things are challenging, the Human Game gives you tools to actually navigate, and how to navigate with a full cup—or enough energy, or vitality, or safety, or love, or whatever you need to work through things.”

Brandi K. (Lake Jackson, TX)

“The obstacle that would have prevented me from participating was just the assumption that as an astrologer, I already knew all of the astrology that I really needed. I knew how to apply everything in my natal chart—I knew the practical aspects of it and I knew how to interweave it within my own life. That was a small assumption that I had, and I was like, ‘Well, maybe I don’t really need this class because I know everything, you know, pretty much there is to know when it comes to astrology, so there’s really nothing else for me to learn.’ And, boy, was I wrong about that!”

Louise M. (Melbourne, Australia)

“I think for me, personally, it’s given me a lot of confidence in my life, a lot of flexibility in my creativity. It’s given me tools to achieve my goals that enable them to feel like they’re achievable but that there’s not so much pressure on them. The Human Game has enabled me to find a lot of fun in my life. And even when I’m really struggling, I can see that I’m a lot happier now. Like, even when I’m feeling a painful emotion, and I’m crying, there’s another part of me that’s sort of giggling in the background like everything’s okay.”