Llewllyn Worldwide, 2003

A Comprehensive Guide to Interpreting the Moon's Nodes in the Birth Chart

This book is the first comprehensive guide to the Moon's Nodes—probably the most misunderstood points in astrology.

While other books on the Nodes make the assumption, for example, that the North Node in Aries is the same thing as the North Node in the first house, this book gives complete interpretations of every sign and house combination.

It begins with an overview of the lessons of each Nodal Axis by sign; then addresses the specific lessons and challenges presented by each North Node/ South Node combination within that sign; and finally interprets each of the twelve house positions of that specific Node combination.

The Complete Node Book creates a new and empowering understanding of the Moon's Nodes by addressing both the higher, constructive expression of the node's energy, along with the lower expression or "trap." This is the only book currently available that offers integrated interpretations of the Moon's Nodes!

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