Talented Astrologer Certification Program

Each level of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program includes both a class and an associated training program. Only the training programs count towards certification, but you must be enrolled in the classes to be eligible for the training programs. 

The training programs are offered once a year, in sequence, beginning in January. The classes are available (in sequence) at any time. Once you complete a class, you are eligible to begin the next class in the sequence, even if you have not completed the training programs. 

The classes provide the education component, and each class provides you with all of the resources you need to practice the tools and pursue deep practice and skill development on your own. The Certified Training Programs supplement this with structure, master coaching, feedback, support, and most importantly, the motivation to complete the work and develop the skills. 

Level 1: Natal Interpretation Foundations Class & Training

NIST 500pxEveryone must begin with the foundations program, no matter how much prior experience you may have with astrology, because the foundation is radically different from anything you have ever experienced before. 

The foundation of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program is the connection between the Universal Puzzle Pieces of the planets and the personal puzzle pieces of the houses they rule. During the Natal Interpretation Foundations program, you will never interpret the meaning of a planet in a sign

The foundation of the Natal Interpretation Foundations program is your interpretation library.

The primary goal of this program is for you to assemble your own interpretation library. Using the templates and selecting from the variables and options in the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook, you will assemble interpretations of all 336 identity statements, exploring each of the possible combinations of Universal and personal puzzle pieces. 

This not only facilitates the required deep practice to train you to be able to interpret identity statements and consider how different puzzle pieces fit together, but it also gives you a resource that you will draw on to prepare to interpret charts — both in class and with actual clients.

You will reference your interpretation library when you use the Natal Chart Interpretation Template to analyze and create your notes for interpreting natal charts to prepare for a Personal Practical Astrology (Level 1) interpretation of a natal chart. 

Level 2: Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class & Training

NIST 500pxThe middle section of a client consultation is where you take a deeper dive and address a single area of concern for the client. This could include questions about relationships, career, money, identity, family, or even undesirable behavior patterns. Exploring these questions draws on Level 2 (Archetypal Astrology) interpretation skills. The Natal Interpretation Synthesis program gives you the tools and guidance to be able to answer any question a client asks. 

In Level 2 you will lean how to incorporate the qualities of the Elements, Modalities, and Signs into your interpretations. You will learn how to work with the Essential Dignities and the Board of Directors to gain insight into the hidden patterns and dynamics that influence behaviors and choices. And you will learn how to explore patterns related to relationships (safety and validation needs), identity issues (dynamic between the Sun, Mars, and Ascendant), parental issues (influence of the rulers of the 4th and 10th houses), unconscious programming (the Moon and the ruler of the 12th house), and more. 

Level 3: Relationship Interpretation Foundations Class & Training

RIFT 500pxIn Level 3, the Relationship Interpretation Foundations program, you will build on your synthesis skills while exploring the intricacies and complexities of human relationships. You will take your understanding of safety and validation needs to the next level and learn to analyze these needs — and the challenges to meeting these needs — in detail. You will consider the influence of relationship wants (what you find attractive in other people), and how your Marriage Blueprint (based on your perceptions of your parents’ relationship) affects your own romantic relationships. 

Not only will you learn how to identify relationship issues within the natal chart, but you will also learn how to explore the dynamic of a relationship using synastry. Synastry, which considers the aspects and connections between two natal charts to provide insight on how each individual may experience the relationship, lays the groundwork for the skills needed in the Predictive Natal Astrology program because it considers how external forces (from the other person’s natal chart) can trigger, influence, and affect the affairs of your life. 

Level 4: Predictive Natal Astrology Class & Training

PNAT 500pxPredictive Natal Astrology — considering how the potential contained in your natal chart unfolds over time — is the most complex and advanced branch of natal astrology. Effectively, when you work with Predictive Natal Astrology you have to combine both the microscope  (to understand the microcosm of the natal chart) and the telescope (to consider the ways the macrocosm affects you as an individual).

Predictive Natal Astrology encompasses a vast array of timing and forecasting tools, but they generally fall into two categories: tools that forecast internal experiences and tools that forecast external events. It’s not practical to consider internal experiences in an initial consultation with a new client; internal experiences are best considered in the context of ongoing counseling work. In this program, we will focus on how to forecast external events, so that you can give a new client a glimpse into the coming year and let them know what to expect. 

You will learn how to combine three different tools to provide a glimpse into the client’s future: Classical Solar Returns, Primary Directions, and Transits. 

Your ability to interpret these influences relies on your level of mastery of the identity statements and your skill at combining different combinations of puzzle pieces. 

Level 5: Astrological Counseling Foundations Class & Training

The first four components of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program give you the skills required to prepare for a first consultation with a client. The final component of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program will train you to actually work with clients as an astrological counselor. 

Using the three-part structure of the astrology consultation as the core (Part 1: Personal Practical Astrology; Part 2: Archetypal Astrology/Deep Dive into One Question; Part 3: Predictive Natal Astrology), this program will provide both real-life examples of counseling sessions and the opportunity to both give and receive these readings with other students while receiving coaching and feedback. 

This final certification component is planned to launch in late 2022. The training component of the program will require a minimum of six qualified participants.