Natal Interpretation Synthesis Training

Natal Interpretation Synthesis Training
Level 2: Certified Training Program


The Natal Interpretation Synthesis Training program gives you the opportunity to practice the tools and techniques included in the Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class. You will have the opportunity to explore each question and technique on a variety of different celebrity charts so that you can develop confidence in your skills and abilities with these advanced synthesis skills. 

You will work with the Essential Dignities and the Board of Directors to explore topics including:

Safety and Validation Needs (Moon and Venus)

Identity Questions (Sun, Mars, Ruler of 1st/Ascendant)

Parental Issues (Ruler of 4th and Ruler of 10th)

Unconscious Programming (Moon and Ruler of 12th House)

Additionally, this training program will focus on creating a final, written interpretation from your notes. This is how you will develop the soft skills needed to synthesize patterns in the natal chart and communicate those insights to the client. 

Registration for the Natal Interpretation Synthesis Training will open in April 2021.