Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class

Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class
Level 2: Education Component

The middle section of a client consultation is where you take a deeper dive and address a single area of concern for the client. This could include questions about relationships, career, money, identity, family, or even undesirable behavior patterns. Exploring these questions draws on Level 2 (Archetypal Astrology) interpretation skills. The Natal Interpretation Synthesis program gives you the tools and guidance to be able to answer any question a client asks.  

The Board of Directors

The Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class will teach you how to analyze the Board of Directors for each planet in the chart. You will learn how to identify the agenda of each board member — and evaluate how successful the planet may be in achieving that agenda. You will learn how to map out the relationships between the board members and identify alliances and conflicts that may influence how each board member votes. You will also learn how to interpret the relationship between the Board of Directors and the Top Level Planet.

Safety and Validation Needs

In every relationship we need two things: we need to feel safe and we need to feel validated (loved and appreciated). This applies to all human relationships, not only to romantic relationships. However, safety and validation don’t mean the same things to everyone. The sign of the Moon and Venus indicates the language you speak to meet your safety and validation needs. 

Identity Questions

There are three separate components of the identity: your authentic “Big S” Self (Sun), your “little s” self (Mars), and your avatar (the ruler of the 1st house). The challenge is to balance these three components while staying connected to the truth of your authentic “Big S” Self. Conflicts between these planets can represent complex patterns that can be explored in detail. 

Parental Issues

Your actual parents are not seen in the natal chart because they don’t live inside you. But your experience and expectations of your parents do live inside you. We internalize our parents, and this is what you can explore in the natal chart. The ruler of the 4th house represents your internalized experience of your father, and the ruler of the 10th house represents your internalized experience of your mother. Your actual experience of your parents is behavior and can’t be seen in the chart. But the influence of your parents on different areas of your life can be seen in the chart. 

Unconscious Programming

The planet that rules the 12th house is the vehicle of your adversity. It’s how you express your unconscious programming. However, it may not have anything to do with how you create or alter your unconscious programming. The Moon is your unconscious programming. The experiences, perceptions, and beliefs that come through the Moon (and all houses related to the moon) can write directly to your subconscious. These programs are then enacted by the planet that rules the 12th house (behaviors). 

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