Natal Interpretation Foundations Class

Natal Interpretation Foundations Class
Level 1: Education Component


I started teaching natal chart interpretation classes in person in 2000, and taught my first Online Natal Astrology Class in 2012. In 2019, I had a breakthrough with my long-time exploration of the true and practical meaning of planetary rulership, and literally everything changed. When I started to view charts by focusing on the houses ruled by the planets instead of trying to make sense of the meanings of the planets in the signs, the entire chart snapped into focus for the first time. 

I dismantled the entire curriculum of The Real Astrology Academy and built an entirely new approach, from the ground up. The Natal Interpretation Foundations Class is the first components of this new program — and you will never look at astrology the same way again. 

Natal astrology without interpreting the signs of the planets? 

That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The signs of the zodiac practically define astrology for most people. And yet the way we think the signs work isn’t the way the signs worked for thousands of years. 

The first time an astrologer ever interpreted the “meaning” of a planet in a sign, focusing on how the qualities of the element, modality, and sign affected the expression of the planet was in 1887 in a book called Solar Biology, by Hiram E. Butler. 

Until that point, and for almost two thousand years, the signs played an entirely different role in astrology. The position of a planet in a sign was still one of the most important considerations to interpret, but that interpretation was based on the Essential Dignity of the planet — the degree of power the planet had at a particular degree of a sign. 

House Rulership is how you make the natal chart personal. 

The houses in the natal chart represent the different areas of your actual life, such as your money, your relationships, your job, your creativity, and your happiness. I call these the personal puzzle pieces. The planets are the Universal Puzzle pieces. They represent big, abstract concepts that make us human, such as responsibility, anger, safety, love, and growth. 

When a planet rules a house, the Universal Puzzle Piece of that planet connects to the personal puzzle piece of the house. Because the ruler of a house IS that house, these connections are described using identity statements, such as “Your responsibility is your debt,” “Your growth is your money,” or “Your anger is your happiness.”

When you connect a Universal Puzzle Piece with a personal puzzle pieces, you get a “light bulb moment.” Suddenly, something small but essential about your life makes sense to you. 

That’s exactly the experience that you want to be able to create for a client when you read the client’s chart. And that brings us to another radical approach of the Natal Interpretation Foundations Class.

Learn chart interpretation from the perspective of the client.

This program will help you to learn chart interpretation from the perspective of the client. Clients don’t know astrology (and they’re not interested in learning it). Clients care about happiness, and they want you to show them how astrology can improve their life. And every client starts with an initial interpretation of his or her birth chart. 

There’s a hard limit to how much information a client can absorb in a single session. The minute their eyes glaze over (and they will), you’re done. 

The Personal Practical Astrology approach to natal chart interpretation that you will learn in the Natal Interpretation Foundations Class maximizes the amount of information the client can absorb and retain in an initial session. 

A practical foundation that you can build on.

The real foundation of the Natal Interpretation Foundations Class is your interpretation library. You can use the templates provided in the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook to create your own interpretation library that helps you to understand how every Universal Puzzle Piece fits with every personal puzzle piece. 

You will consider a total of 336 different identity statements that cover every permutation of a planet ruling a house. The deep practice that goes in to doing this work creates a neural infrastructure in your brain that trains you to think in new ways and facilitates a deep understanding of the practical applications of the identity statements. And your finished interpretation library is an essential tool that will speed up your ability to interpret charts using the Natal Chart Interpretation Template.

Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook

During this program, you will download, print, and assemble PDFs of the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook. The workbook provides you with printed resources to support the material in the video classes and includes everything you need to complete the homework assignments, assemble your own interpretation library, and begin to use the Natal Chart Interpretation Template to interpret charts on your own. The workbook for the Natal Interpretation Foundations Class is over 260 pages total.

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