Astrology and the Human Game Foundations Class

Astrology and the Human Game Foundations Class
Duration: 1
Price: $299.00

The Human Game™ is a way to use your unique birth chart to achieve your goalsexplore your potential, and experience happiness. It is a truly practical approach to natal astrology that you can actually use on a daily basis. It uses the power of astrology to help you understand and upgrade the story of your life.

The Astrology and the Human Game Foundations Class will teach you all of the astrology you need to be able to read the map of the birth chart and to play Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 of the Human Game.

Astrology and the Human Game Foundations Class consists of 9 video classes (over 18 hours of class time total), plus the Astrology and the Human Game Player’s Handbook.

The Human Game approach to astrology is entirely different from anything you’ve experienced before. The focus is not on exploring your personality — the focus is on helping you to use astrology to create happiness and make your life just a little bit easier. The Human Game approach unlocks the potential of the most fundamental and overlooked parts of astrology, like the modality of a planet, to create truly mind-blowing insights.

You will be able to use what you learn in this class right away to gain insights into your own life. Plus, the tools you will learn in this class can be used in astrology readings — one-off sessions with a new client where they want to “learn about their chart.”

NOTE: This class does not cover the counseling and/or coaching aspects of working with clients, nor does it give you a structure on how to conduct an astrology reading with a client. However, the tools you will learn in this class, specifically the idea of Fuel vs. Motivation and the practical applications of the Modality Teams are more than sufficient for a complete astrology reading with a new client.

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