Page 67 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 12 • November/December 2017
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I’m still tuned to a heavy metal radio station. If I keep pouring energy into
it, on rare occasions,
that station will play
one song that I like, but the rest of the time, it plays music I hate. And when they do play the song I like, I’m so drained from all of the e ort it took to get them to play the song that I don’t enjoy it very much.
I’m trying to get the station to change when it would be much easier to change the station.
If I’m tuned to a heavy metal station, “ e Lion Sleeps Tonight” isn’t on their playlist, and no one who works at the station has ever heard of the song. If I tune to
a classic rock station, “ e Lion Sleeps Tonight” isn’t on their standard playlist, but they know the song and might be able to  nd a version of it on a deep track somewhere. But if I tune to an oldies station, I don’t even have to call in my request because they play “ e
Lion Sleeps Tonight” at the top of every hour.
The bigger the frequency gap between your desires and your consciousness, the more energy it takes to manifest your intentions.
You can use the Law of Attraction to manifest everything you desire in life, but creating your reality
one song at a time is extremely di cult. More importantly, hearing the song you want
will give you momentary pleasure, not enduring happiness.
 e song you want to hear is the beginning
of your journey, not the end of it. You use the song—andyour
requests for the
you navigate the
di erent frequencies as you search for a
better radio station.
Daily spiritual practices, including the Present Moment Awareness Safety Meditation and Gratitude (“I Love and Appreciate...”), raise the
vibration of your consciousness and create new “little r” realities.
As you close the gap between your vibration and the vibration of your intentions, it becomes easier to hold the thoughts of those intentions and to imagine the
experience.  e more attention you direct to your intentions, the more powerfully the Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts to manifest your desires. And as you tune to higher-frequency, better-feeling “little r” realities, you discover songs and experiences that you enjoy even more than your original intention.  ese new preferences help you to tune to even higher-frequency stations and experience greater levels of happiness.
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