Page 66 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 12 • November/December 2017
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attract experiences in our “little r” reality that match these thoughts.
We’re like radios. When we tune to a particular vibration of consciousness, that’s what we experience and create in our world. If we tune to a country music station, the only thing we’ll hear is country music. If we tune to a classical music station, our world will consist of only classical music. And this is what you
need to understand to take full advantage of the Law of Attraction.
Think of whatever you want to create in life as a song.
One of my favorite songs is the original version of
“ e Lion Sleeps Tonight,” by  e Tokens. Every time I hear that song, it makes me happy. I would like to experience that song (and feel happy), so I create the thought of the song and send the request out to the Universe.  is is what  e Secret tells us about the Law
of Attraction.
 is is what they leave out. When you want to hear
a song on the radio, you request the song from the station you’re tuned to. Whether
that station plays the song
depends on whether the
song is a match to that station’s format.
If I’m tuned to a station that plays 60’s music and I request
“ e Lion Sleeps Tonight,” the song may start playing
before I even hang up the phone. But if the
station I’m tuned to plays only heavy metal music, it won’t matter how many times I call and ask for “ e Lion Sleeps Tonight.” All I’m ever going to hear is
Twisted Sister and Anthrax.
 e Secret makes it clear that simply asking for what
you want isn’t enough to manifest your desires. If I want to hear “ e Lion Sleeps Tonight” on the radio, I need to energize that thought, eliminate all doubt, and imagine that I’ve already created what I’ve asked for.
I need to sing my song as if it were already playing on the radio.
I know every note of “ e Lion Sleeps Tonight,” but I’m tuned to a heavy metal station. It’s hard work to stay on pitch and hear the harmonies when my world is  lled with Twisted Sister singing “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” But to activate the Law of Attraction, it’s not enough for me to be able to sing “ e Lion Sleeps Tonight,” I also have to enjoy singing it. I have to be able to tap into the feeling that I would experience singing along with the Tokens.  at’s extremely challenging
when I’m singing against Twisted Sister.
As di cult as this is, and as much energy as it requires, it is possible. I can train myself to sing “ e Lion Sleeps Tonight” no matter what is playing on the radio, and I can call the station’s request
line hundreds of times a day and request “ e Lion Sleeps
Tonight.” Eventually, the station will give
in and play my song. But it won’t make
me happy.
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