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a Universal Law and it is always operating. It’s not only your conscious thoughts that are creative; every thought is creative.
Second Kingdom
Integrity Falsehood
You have millions of thoughts every day, and you’re only conscious of a tiny percentage of them. Most of your thoughts are unconscious and impersonal, and they’re the result of your current level of consciousness.
Dr. David R. Hawkins, the foremost researcher into the  eld of human consciousness, created the Map of Human ConsciousnessTM, which expresses each level of consciousness as a measure of power.  e scale is logarithmic, not linear.  e numbers represent the number of zeros, and a one-point increase on the scale represents a ten-fold increase in power.
Dr. Hawkins correlates each level of consciousness with a dominant feeling.  ese feelings attract thoughts that match the
vibration, and repel thoughts that don’t. When we tune to a particular level of consciousness, we experience the thoughts that match that feeling. Even though we’re unconscious of most of these thoughts, every thought is creative, and we manifest and
700 –
600 – Peace
Joy (Unconditional Love)
500 – Love Reason
Acceptance Willingness
200 – Courage Pride
Anger Desire Fear Grief Apathy Guilt Shame
540 –
400 –
350 – 310 –
250 –
175 – 150 – 125 – 100 –
75 – 50 – 30 – 20 –
Kingdoms of Consciousness and the Map of Human ConsciousnessTM Developed by Dr. David R. Hawkins
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