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a critical piece of the puzzle, but once you have this piece, everything will make perfect sense.
Let’s begin by reviewing the most important principles of the Law of Attraction.
Whatever you imagine, you can manifest.
You have to energize your thoughts and be personally involved.
Its not enough to imagine an experience.  oughts are energized by feelings. You need to connect with the feeling you believe will accompany the experience you want to create. When you imagine your creation, you need to put yourself in the picture. Don’t just imagine your new BMW, imagine how it will look
sitting in your garage. Imagine yourself driving it on the freeways and around town, and connect with how
wonderful that will feel.
You must maintain faith at all times.
Don’t let anything distract you from your vision. Do not allow yourself to experience
worry, fear, or doubt. Cultivate an unshakable faith that you will receive what you ask for. Spend as much time as you can imagining your creation and enjoying
 oughts are creative. When you put your attention
on something, it sends a
request out to the Universe “When you put
via the Law of Attraction,
and you begin to draw that
experience to you.  e
more energy you devote a request out to the to a thought, the more
and create the things you desire, you need to follow a few key guidelines.
begin to draw that
experience to you. The more energy you
You need to be speci c with your requests.
your attention on something, it sends
powerful the request, and Universe via the Law
the faster it will manifest. of Attraction, and you To take advantage of this
devote to a thought,
 e Law of Attraction the more powerful the the feelings you associate
responds best to clear,
detailed, speci c, concrete
thoughts. If you want
a new car, thinking “I
want a new car,” won’t do
much. But if you imagine a brand new BMW 320i,
with the midnight blue exterior, tan leather interior, upgraded sound system, and tinted windows, you’re giving the Universe something to work with.
with it. Immediately cancel request, and the faster any con icting or negative thoughts, because they will only delay the manifestation
it will manifest.”
of your desire.
What’s missing is the big picture.
 e Law of Attraction doesn’t wait patiently for you to decide what you want.  e Law of Attraction is
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