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speci cally the tension between the 3rd and 9th houses — the dance between near and far — and the opposition between the Moon in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius, which is doubly signi cant because Saturn has so much in uence over the Moon’s Board of Directors. Exploring the dynamic between the Moon and the planets on the Moon’s Board of Directors is analogous to adjusting the spices and  avors in the batter. It’s how you select the dominant  avors.
Aspects from the outer planets to the Moon introduce potential challenges that a ect safety needs. Metaphorically, these are ingredients that get suspended in the batter, but don’t quite blend in the batter: they’re nuts, or chocolate chips, or pieces of fruit.  ey add something speci c to the cake, but they’re not an integral part of the cake. You have to get the batter right before you add them, and if you leave them out, you can still have a successful cake.
There’s one  nal, important way that synthesized interpretation is like baking.
When you watch a baking show, baking a cake seems like such an easy, straightforward process. When you try it in your own kitchen, you discover it’s a lot harder — and a lot messier — than you expect. No matter how carefully you follow the directions, you won’t be happy with the results the  rst time. Or the second. Or the third. Becoming a talented baker takes time and e ort, and while you’re developing your skills, you’re going to make quite a mess.  e same applies to becoming a talented astrologer.
After reading this article and seeing how logical, methodical, and straightforward the process of creating a synthesized interpretation is, I hope you  nd yourself thinking, “I could do
that!” And the truth is that you can — but not right away and not with your  rst attempt. Developing synthesized interpretation skills and becoming a talented astrologer takes time, and quite a lot of practice.  e good news is that you don’t have to do it
on your own.
 e Real Astrology Academy o ers a unique,
comprehensive training program in astrological interpretation skills. You receive coaching and feedback on your assignments, and bene t from the support of your fellow students. Visit cation to learn
more. Certi cation begins in February each year.
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