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a job is still work you have to do for someone else.  e meaning of the Tenth House has also evolved to accommodate modern life, but in the process, many astrologers have lost the connection to the original
In today’s world, the Tenth House in the natal chart
represents your career, as opposed to your job.  is is an important but challenging distinction. One of the more pressing questions of our time is how to make a living, but most people have Sixth House jobs, not Tenth House careers. In a world where “follow your bliss” quali es as career counseling, the Tenth House has come to symbolize your “life path.”  e real Tenth
House is far more practical.
 e Tenth House has always been associated with
how we make a living, but it speci cally relates to preferment: professional opportunities bestowed by appointment. In mundane astrology, the Tenth House is the king (or the head of the government), and in natal astrology Tenth House a airs depend on the favor of the king. Tenth House positions were not available to everyone.  ey generally involved a title, some land, and the obligation to govern or manage other people.
In a modern context, preferment most often looks like promotion.  e king is your boss, and when you impress your boss, your boss may be inclined to give
you a promotion. You may end up with a new job title, an increase in salary, an upgraded o ce, and new responsibilities. You may even  nd yourself in a position where you are responsible for people working under you in the corporate feudal system.
 e Tenth House is usually tied to the Midheaven, the most visible point in the chart, and the Tenth House relates to your public image and reputation.
 is perhaps is the most signi cant evolution of the
Tenth House. Virtually everyone has a public image today: it’s your social media presence.
Finally, the Tenth House relates to your mother. Speci cally, the planet that rules the Tenth House represents your experience and impressions of your mother.
Practical Career Advice from the Tenth House
One of the most common questions astrologers hear from clients is, “What should I do for a living?” On some level, clients expect that the natal chart can provide a speci c answer (and presumably set up an interview and handle salary negotiations). But clients also want to reserve the right to reject anything limiting
Angular House
The Tenth House contains the highest points in the chart relative to the horizon. Planets in the Tenth House are extremely visible and exceptionally prominent. A planet in the Tenth House receives a score of +5 in prominence.
The Tenth House describes your relationship to society and the world at large.
Triggers to the Tenth House, the Midheaven, and/or the ruler of the Tenth House affect your public image and reputation.
The Tenth House is an angular house. In the quadrant house systems, it’s associated with the Midheaven, the Medium Coeli or MC, which is Latin for “middle of the sky.”
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