Page 59 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 12 • November/December 2017
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authority  gures hold the
keys to the higher wisdom
of Sagittarius, which is why
they deserve respect, and why
their rules must be followed.
Understanding of the rules is
not required—but faith in
the rules is. What this means is
that Walters is deeply invested
and attached to the idea that
her views of right and wrong
are universally true.  e idea
that she may be mistaken — or
that there may, in fact, be other
paths to Truth — is immensely
threatening to her. When someone breaks a rule, or challenges Walters’ understanding of authority, it is a huge safety violation for her because it calls into question her personal connection to the truth.
Saturn in Sagittarius rules the 4th house.
Because Saturn rules the 4th house, the highest authority  gure for Walters is her father. Her experience of her father shaped her ideas of the rules, of responsibility, of truth, and by extension, of what it means to feel safe. She has rigid standards that govern her personal life. She needs to feel that her private life is in integrity and aligned with her idea of truth to feel safe.
Saturn in Sagittarius rules the 5th house.
Because Saturn rules the 5th house, fun and entertainment is responsibility and hard work.  e 5th house in uence means Walters needs to have fun and express herself creatively to feel safe, but Saturn in Sagittarius has some peculiar ideas of how this looks. Games are only fun if everyone follows the rules. Cheating in any way, by anyone, is utterly unacceptable and a massive safety violation for Walters.  at being said, Saturn in Sagittarius cares more about the spirit of the rules (and the ultimate Truth) than about the letter of the law. Not only is Walters willing to take philosophical risks, the freedom to
take these risks is an essential part of her safety needs. Walters needs to know exactly how far she can push the rules; she needs to  nd the outer edge that separates freedom from limitation.  e knowledge of that boundary de nes safety for Walters. She can take risks by approaching the line, but maintain her safety because she is careful not to cross the line.
Saturn in Sagittarius is
also the almuten of the 1st house.
 e almuten is the planet that has
the most votes on the Board of Directors. It’s usually the planet with rulership, but not always. In Walters’ chart, Saturn has 9 votes for the
degree of the Ascendant (Exaltation,
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