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laws will embody the qualities of Libra and be rational, objective, respectful, and diplomatic. If and when one of these thought leaders falls short of these expectations,
Walters will feel incredibly unsafe.
because that planet is the vehicle of all sorrow and adversity. Walters’ profound need to explore the darker, unconscious realms, to understand the demons that live there, and ultimately to  nd a way to bring them into balance is what creates hidden enemies in her life. Even the people she counts as friends may harbor some resentment towards Walters because she can’t leave a painful subject alone.
“The planet that rules the 12th house always merits special consideration because that planet is the vehicle of all sorrow and adversity.”
Mercury in Libra occupies the 1st house in Walters’ chart.
 is need to communicate and understand so she can feel safe is entirely personal. It’s a fundamental
Mercury in Libra also
rules Walters’ 12th house.
 is means that Walters’ “little r” reality is her sorrow and adversity. Her understanding and communication is her unconscious and her shadow. And because Mercury has 5 votes on the Moon’s Board of Directors, the story she tells of sorrow and adversity is an integral part of her safety. She needs to understand pain, self- sabotage, and the shadow, and be able to communicate about it to feel safe.  e source of her sorrow will probably involve injustice, disharmony, and imbalance in the world, because these are the qualities that planets in Libra seek to remedy.
 e planet that rules the 12th house always merits special consideration
part of Walters’ personality. When she seeks out a new belief or idea from the 9th house because she is feeling unsafe, she embodies that idea fully in her own life in the 1st house. Walters unquestionably “walks her talk,” because she automatically relates every story, every idea, every belief, and every obstacle
back to her own life and her own experiences.
Her ability to communicate (and to resolve con ict) is an integral part of
her 1st house health, happiness, and vitality. It’s also such a fundamental part of her sense of self that any di culties communicating — or any experiences of direct con ict or confrontation — will be experienced as personal attacks.  is adds another dimension to Walter’s safety issues; there’s absolutely no wiggle- room. If Mercury isn’t happy, Walters isn’t safe.
Saturn in Sagittarius in the 3rd house also has
5 Votes on the Moon’s Board of Directors with dignity by Triplicity and Term.
Saturn’s in uence on the Moon’s Board of Directors means that Walters needs boundaries, structure, limitations, and responsibility to feel safe. She is acutely aware of the Law, and of what authority  gures expect from her.
Unless she knows she is within her rights and is following the rules, she will not be able to feel safe.
Saturn in Sagittarius cares about the Truth. Walters believes that her understanding of the rules is also her understanding of Truth. Saturn
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