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taste the chocolate in the batter but it’s not the same  avor as eating a piece of chocolate.
 e Board of Directors for Walters’ Moon in Gemini consists of Mercury in Libra with 5 votes for Rulership, Saturn in Sagittarius with 3 votes for Triplicity and 2 votes for Term (for a total of 5 votes), and the Sun in Libra
with 1 vote for Face. Only planets that in uence 3 or more votes matter, so we can ignore the Sun.
Let’s explore how to add Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius to the batter.
Mercury in Libra has 5 Votes on the Board of Directors of Walters’ Moon in Gemini.
First, let’s establish what this means. We’re still concerned with the question of Walters’ Safety Needs, so that is the bigger context. Because Mercury has 5 votes on the Moon’s Board of Directors, for Walters to feel safe, Mercury has to be free to pursue its needs. We know that Mercury is the story you tell that describes your “little r” reality; it’s how you process information and
how you communicate.
As always, we begin with one expression of the planet and consider it in
the bigger context.  e story Walters tells that describes her “little r” reality (Mercury) is an essential part of her safety (Moon’s Board of Directors). Now we need to explore what kind of story she needs to tell to feel safe. We can also ask how she needs to process information to feel safe. To  nd the answers, we look to the element, modality and sign of Mercury, and we
begin to “cream” Mercury and Libra together.
Libra is an Air sign, so the story Walters tells needs to be objective for her
to feel safe. Planets in Air signs care about the surface appearance, so the words matter far more than the subtext, form, or emotional content. Mercury relates to how Walters communicates and processes information, and with Mercury in Libra, she will rely on logic, reason, diplomacy, and charm; without these qualities, she will feel unsafe. Walters will feel threatened when she is confronted with someone who is unable or unwilling to communicate logically and respectfully. But because both Mercury in Libra and the Moon in Gemini are in Air signs, when she feels threatened, she can only respond by becoming more objective and detached, and retreating further into
the mental, logical, rational, and abstract realms.
Mercury in Libra rules both the 9th and 12th houses in Walter’s Chart, so we’ll combine those one at a time.
Because Mercury rules the 9th house, Walters’ beliefs and philosophies are
her story and her “little r” reality. It’s not enough for Walters to understand the events of her own life; the story Walters tells has to be big enough to make sense of the entire world and her place in it. Her personal truths come from her understanding of bigger, higher truths, and because Mercury has
so much in uence over her Moon, this understanding is an essential component of her safety. Walters believes that an understanding (Mercury) of higher laws and universal principles (9th house) will always result in peace and harmony (Libra). She will be drawn to ideals and philosophical perspectives that align with Libra motivations and emphasize justice, balance, order, and beauty.
Now we can expand the scope a bit. Walters expects that the leaders, teachers, and authority  gures who curate these 9th house ideals and
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