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make her feel unsafe.  e Moon in Gemini views her professional life as a game, and as long as Walters believes that she is an especially skillful, clever, and dexterous player, she will feel safe.
We’ve got a pretty good picture of what Walters needs to feel safe.  e only remaining question is where
she looks for safety. To answer that question, we move on to Step 3 and look at the house the Moon occupies.
Step 3: Fold in the
house occupied.
 ink of a planet that occupies a house as a guest in a hotel.  e planet can make use of the available resources and amenities, but it can’t  re the sta  or remodel the
kitchen. It has access to the amenities, but it doesn’t own the facility. While the planet that rules your 2nd house is your money—it’s your actual resources, and how you earn money—a planet that occupies your 2nd house can only spend your money. It’s not responsible for balancing your checkbook or earning a salary.
 e house a planet occupies tells you where that planet expresses. Always look for the broadest, most general description of
the house a planet occupies because that’s what matters most in this context. Once you’ve established the where, and the context of the behavior of the planet, connect that back to everything you’ve covered so far, making sure
you address each of the houses the planet rules.
Here are some guidelines for incorporating the
house a planet occupies.
When a planet occupies the 1st house, its behavior is personal — it’s all about you: your appearance, your interests, and your happiness.
A planet that occupies the 2nd house spends your money (but is in no way responsible for it).
A planet that occupies the 3rd house acts locally; the most important concepts for the 3rd house are near and familiar.
A planet that occupies the 4th house expresses in private.
A planet that occupies the 5th house takes risks when it expresses, and plays games.
A planet that occupies the 6th house expresses through service (and can’t expect to be recognized for it, either).
A planet that occupies the 7th house expresses in relationship — often by getting someone else to do the work.
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