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stick of butter coated in sugar. You can’t turn that into cake batter, let alone a cake.
Here’s how to cream Barbara Walters’ Moon in Gemini.
We’ll begin by considering how the Moon relates to Walters’ Safety Needs. We’ll start by asking a Moon question: “What kinds of experiences feel safe?” Gemini
is an Air sign, and planets in Air signs operate on the abstract, mental, social, and intellectual planes. So,
Walters will look for safety
in the mental realms.  is means that words and ideas will be very important to her safety.
Gemini is a Mutable sign, so she needs to be  exible and adaptable
with her ideas, thoughts, and words. She needs to have options and be able to respond and change to feel safe. Planets in
Air signs move across the surface and are primarily concerned with appearances, so as long as things look like they’re in order, Walters will feel safe.
 is leads us to the next question, “What kinds of experiences feel threatening?” Given her preference for the objective, abstract, mental, and adaptable qualities of Gemini, we can assume she will  nd subjective, concrete, and immovable experiences to be threatening.  e emotional realm, for example, would be particularly uncomfortable because emotions are subjective, and personal. Emotions also operate beneath the surface, something Walters’ Moon in Gemini doesn’t care for.
Evenifshestaysinhercomfortzoneintheobjective,mentalrealms,she will feel threatened when she encounters someone with rigid, absolute beliefs
and convictions who is unwilling to be swayed by reason or logic, and refuses to accept other points of view.  is may be challenging because when she feels unsafe, Walters will
rely on some of the qualities of Gemini to help her get back to safety. She may  ip between opposing
points of views, playing devil’s advocate, for example. She will certainly look for data points and gather information to support her position, because that’s
how planets in Gemini behave.
We’ve covered safety, so let’s brie y consider the
Moon as it relates to feelings and emotions. With the Moon in Gemini, how does
Walters approach her feelings? By now, it’s clear that she isn’t comfortable with sustained or deep feelings. She’s only willing to sit with a feeling for long enough to identify it and create a data point from it before she’s ready to experience something else. She prefers to explore feelings from every possible perspective so she can make sense of them on an
objective, intellectual level.
At this point, we have a fundamental understanding of the Moon in Gemini. Granted, these
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