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Real Houses
The Real Tenth House
Oby Kevin B. Burk ne of the more di cult questions we face in life is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In today’s world, we have virtually unlimited options. Yes, the social, economic, and geographical conditions of your birth make some
choices more accessible than others, but it’s broadly true that you can pursue any career you like. You’ll  nd your options (and a small amount of career counseling) in the Tenth House.
But the idea of a career or profession is quite modern. It belongs to the Tenth House, but only because the Tenth House has to do with promotion, advancement, honors and recognition. Traditionally, the Tenth House is
where you are recognized and rewarded as an individual. It’s how you’re seen by the world and known by society. Hard work and dedication always help, but when it comes to the Tenth House, whether you succeed or not is
entirely up to the judges. Often, life is a popularity contest. And the award goes to ... the Real Tenth House!
The Tenth House in the Natal Chart: Preferment, Honors, Professional
Advancement, Public Image, and Mom
 e meanings of the houses have evolved over the centuries to keep pace with the realities of modern life.
In today’s world, slavery and indentured servitude are alien to most of us, so the Sixth House has evolved to represent our jobs. But when you think about it, the connection to the original symbolism of the house is still there. When you strip away the bene ts package,
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