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more inclined you will be to rush through this step. But this step cannot be rushed. Even the most skilled baker with the most advanced equipment has to spend a full 5 minutes creaming the butter and sugar together. To create a synthesized interpretation, you need to spend up to 10 minutes combining just the planet and sign. To accomplish this, you may need to adjust how you approach the planets.
Each planet represents a range of experiences and
 e Sun is your authentic “Big S” Self, your health and vitality, and your Personal Standards of Integrity.  e Moon is your Safety Needs, as well as your emotional guidance system and your feelings. Mercury is the story you tell that describes your “little r” reality; it’s how you process information and how you communicate. Venus is
Pick a single question and take your time building an answer for it. Don’t just pick a few keywords
for the sign and think you’re done. Pick a single concept related to the element or modality and get a sense of what it actually means.  en add another quality to the mix and see
how that changes things.
Repeat the process with another
question. And then pick a di erent expression of the planet and ask the questions over again.
your Validation Needs (how you “The only tools you need for this are a
experience love and appreciation), and your Core Values. Mars is your ego and “little s” self (who you think you are); it’s how you
basic understanding of the planets and a basic understanding of the qualities of the elements, modalities, and signs.”
 e only tools you need for this are a basic understanding of the planets, and a basic understanding of the qualities of the elements, modalities, and signs. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. Choosing speci c examples and combining them in meaningful ways is much harder than you expect, and surprisingly few astrologers have developed these skills. But without these skills you can’t create a synthesized interpretation. If you don’t take the time to cream the planet and sign properly, metaphorically you have a
take action, get angry, and go after
the things you want. Jupiter is your faith, and how you grow and expand. And Saturn is your judgments, and how you relate to authority, boundaries, limitations, and structure.
First, choose a single speci c expression of the planet. For Mars, you could choose “take action” or “anger.” For Saturn, you could choose “judgments” or “boundaries” or “authority.” For the Moon, you could choose “safety” or
“feelings.” It’s critical that you choose only one expression to consider. You will ask questions about that one expression, and the element, modality, and sign will provide the answers, telling you how and why the planet expresses
in that speci c context.
To explore how the Moon relates to Safety Needs you can ask these
“What kinds of experiences feel safe?”
“What kinds of experiences feel threatening?”
“How does this person react when they feel threatened?”
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