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In this metaphor, the  nished cake is a complete chart interpretation. An actual cake might include several layers with  lling between them and icing on the outside. But all of that builds on the foundation of a single cake layer, and that’s where you need to start. I’m going to show you how to prepare the batter for a single layer of a metaphorical cake.
 e basic recipe can be applied to any layer of the cake (or planet in the chart).
Step 1. Cream the planet and sign together.
Step 2. Mix in the houses ruled by the planet, one at a time.
Step 3. Fold in the house occupied.
Step 4. (Optional) Consider the members of the Board of Directors (the planets with Essential Dignity) and repeat steps 1 through 3 for any planet
with at least 3 votes, combining the planet, sign, houses ruled and house occupied and integrating it into the mixture.
Each step in the recipe uses a di erent approach to combining the ingredients, and these are the fundamental skills involved in a synthesized interpretation.
I’ll explain the steps and demonstrate by exploring Barbara Walters’ Moon in Gemini as it relates to her safety needs.
Step 1: Cream the planet and
sign together.
When preparing cake batter, the  rst and most important step is to cream together the butter and sugar. Creaming thoroughly combines the butter and sugar, and introduces some air.  e
resulting mixture forms the foundation
of the cake batter.  e success of the
cake depends on how well you cream the butter and sugar.
 e  rst step in the synthesized interpretation process is to “cream” the planet and sign. You can’t stop at keywords and concepts; those are too dense. You must thoroughly combine the planet and sign. And you need to introduce air into the mixture and give each idea room to breathe.
 is is the most di cult part of the interpretation process, and much of that has to do with how basic it is.  e more experienced you are with astrology, the
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