Page 33 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 12 • November/December 2017
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d (+5) d (+4) f/s (+3)
g(+5) g(+3)
a(+5) a/h(+3)
f (+5) j (+4) j/d (+3)
h(+5) a/h(+3)
chart, those votes mini answer almost ercury relates to
n, and the intellect. he messenger of the and dexterity.  e ates in the mental ualities encourage  uence encourages
especially abstract,
r: Cardinal
on has 5 votes for ip and Jupiter has for Exaltation on ard of Directors
planet in Cancer. has 3 votes for sing that planets
to emotions and n rules Cancer. But akes this sensitivity ourages planets in
it’s a star, in every sense of the word. Planets in Leo take direction from the Sun, and seek to
embody and express the authentic “Big S” Self. It’s not that planets in Leo seek out the spotlight; planets in Leo are the spotlight.  at being said, in a night chart, when Jupiter has in uence over planets in Leo, those planets may enjoy being the center of attention a bit too much.
Virgo: Mutable Earth
Mercury has a total of 9 votes for Rulership and Exaltation on the Board of Directors of any
planet in Virgo. In a day
chart, Venus has 3 votes for Triplicity; in a night chart, those votes go to the Moon. Mercury has absolute control over every planet in Virgo. And even though planets in Virgo operate in the physical and material realm, Mercury’s in uence gives these
planets the ability to operate more comfortably in the abstract, mental realms as well. Planets in Virgo understand both practical applications and theoretical concepts.
Libra: Cardinal Air
Venus has 5 votes for
Rulership and Saturn has
4 votes for Exaltation on
the Board of Directors of
any planet in Libra. In a
day chart, Saturn picks
up an additional 3 votes
for Triplicity; in a night chart, those votes go to
Mercury. Venus, the planet of beauty, pleasure, and love is at least nominally in charge of every planet in Libra. But Saturn is the iron  st in the
velvet glove. Planets in Libra are always aware of the consequences of their choices. If a planet in Libra appears to be indecisive, rest assured it’s experiencing a heated internal moral debate as Saturn forces it to consider the question of responsibility.
Scorpio: Fixed Water
Mars has 8 votes for Rulership and Triplicity on the Board of Directors
of any planet in Scorpio. Any planet in Scorpio becomes an extension of
Mars, the ego/body and the “little s” self. Mars is how you protect and defend yourself, and how you take action to go after the things that you want. Mars is the archetype of  e Warrior. If you are in right relationship with Mars, the power of Mars is a weapon you rarely have to use; it keeps the peace and prevents con ict. If you are out of alignment with Mars, planets in Scorpio can become vehicles of your anger.
Sagittarius: Mutable Fire
Jupiter has 5 votes for Rulership on the Board of Directors of any planet in Sagittarius. In a night chart, Jupiter picks up
an additional 3 votes for
ter of the universe;
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