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epitomizing the polarities of thinking (Air) vs. feeling (Water).
Qualities of Earth
Planets in Earth signs operate on the material plane.  ey express through the physical
world, and through manifestation into form and structure.
 ey seek a direct, tangible experience of the world.
Earth does not move; it is stable and centered. Earth is the  nal stage of creation. Once something has manifested in form in the physical realm, its essence is  xed and it can no longer be altered.
Planets in Earth are concerned with impersonal, objective, concrete, unconscious essence.  ey are unconcerned with how something
appears, but they are concerned with the objective, internal, essential reality of what it is.  ese planets may not be able to communicate what they perceive and know, but their understanding is tangible and, at least from their point of view, self-evident.
Earth and Water share the internal, concrete, receptive, unconscious, feeling qualities.  ey both look
within for answers and guidance, and both require a reasonable
degree of structure and practicality to function. However, Earth is objective, impersonal,andsequential,whileWaterissubjective,personal,andassociative. Planets in Earth signs need to follow strict rules and established paths for manifestation, and they become frustrated by Water’s tendency to over ow,
cross boundaries, and change course at random.
Earth and Air share the objective, impersonal, sequential
qualities.  ey both care about content and the immediate experience of reality, and they both create in a rigidly sequential
manner. However, Earth is unconscious, receptive, internal,
and concrete, while Air is conscious, expressive, external, and abstract. Planets in Earth signs are concerned with the practical,
tangible, form-based considerations required for manifestation on the physical plane, and become frustrated with the abstract, theoretical,
and often impractical energy of Air.
Earth and Fire have the least in common.  ey are both self-contained and
generally unaware of outside in uences, but they occupy opposing ends of both axes. Where Earth is internal, concrete, unconscious, objective, impersonal, and sequential, Fire is external, abstract, conscious, subjective, personal, and associative.
MQualities of the Modalities
ost astrologers are familiar with how the modalities relate to cycles and seasons, and associate Cardinal with the beginning, Fixed
with the middle, and Mutable with the end. But the qualities of each modality go beyond these associations.  e elements establish the context for how a planet expresses, but the modalities describe how and why the planet expresses. Because there are three modalities, the qualities can’t be explored through polarities. I’ve identi ed seven categories to organize and explore how the qualities of the modalities in uence the expression of a planet, and organized them in the table on the next page.
Function: Initiate vs. Sustain vs. Complete
Planets in Cardinal signs initiate.  ey overcome inertia and begin a new cycle. Planets in Cardinal signs are primarily concerned with new experiences and
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