Page 25 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 12 • November/December 2017
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Expressive (Fire & Air) vs. Receptive (Water & Earth)
Fire and Air are expressive in nature.  ey project energy, ideas, and thoughts and embody the masculine principle of creation. Water and Earth are receptive in nature.  ey receive impressions, which they bring into manifestation.
Water and Earth embody the feminine principle of creation.
Appearance (Fire & Air) vs. Essence (Water & Earth)
Although this axis seems to have much in common with the context vs. content axis, it’s actually independent. Content and context each have
both appearance and essence.  is axis is most closely related to the External vs. Internal axis, but it has deeper implications.
Appearance describes how something looks on
the surface. It captures the outer qualities only. Fire and Air operate primarily on the level of Appearance: they take things at face value. Essence describes what a thing truly is. It’s the inner qualities that de ne and describe the experience, often independently from the external appearance. Water and Earth operate primarily on the level of Essence.  ey operate beneath the surface and are not interested in how things look on the outside.
Diagonal Axis:
Unity (Fire & Earth) vs. Duality (Air & Water)
Fire and Earth represent the idea of unity because they are both completely self-contained. Fire is so consumed with self-expression that it is unaware that there are other individuals in the world. Earth does not move and
therefore does not relate to anything outside of itself.
Air and Water represent the idea of duality because they both operate in relationship to something. All of the Air signs explore relationship dynamics: between you and the world (Gemini), between you and other individuals (Libra) or between you and society (Aquarius).
Water signs operate on the emotional realm, and always contextualize feelings in relationship to some external trigger or source.
Qualities of Fire
Planets in Fire signs operate on the spiritual plane. Spirit in this context is the breath and spark of life. Planets in Fire signs express through action and expending energy.  ey are inspired
to reveal their conscious truth.
Fire rises, always seeking the highest possible vibration of expression. It burns
away all that is unnecessary, using it as fuel. But Fire is also dependent on a fuel source. It rises quickly, but when it has consumed all available fuel, it dies, and
sinks back to lower, more sustainable vibrations. Planets in Fire signs are concerned with the external appearance of truth.  ey are subjective, and care about how things appear to them, and process experiences by
making associative, abstract connections.
Fire and Water share the right-brain, associative,
personal and subjective qualities.  ey are both comfortable with emotional experiences. Keep in mind that emotions are feelings with stories attached to them. Planets in Fire signs operate by thinking rather than feeling.  ey prefer to surf the visible, demonstrative range of emotions, and are the most comfortable with abstract concepts like joy or anger. Fire is external and appearance-oriented.  e more intense the emotion,
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