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qualities of being objective, impersonal, and left- brain oriented, because Fire and Water are so clearly subjective, personal, and right-brain oriented.
After much consideration and re nement, I was able to create this graphic representation of the qualities and connections of the four elements. We’ll consider each axis and its associated qualities in detail.
Vertical Axis Polarities:
Fire & Water vs. Air & Earth
Right-Brain (Fire & Water) vs. Left-Brain (Air & Earth)
 e human brain has two hemispheres, the right brain and the left brain, and each hemisphere has di erent functions and characteristics.  e right brain is creative, imaginative, conceptual,  gurative, intuitive,
and concerned with the big picture. It governs spatial awareness, and three-dimensional forms.  e left brain is analytical, logical,
precise, repetitive, organized, detail-oriented, and detached.  e left brain facilitates language, facts, math, and science. It’s linear and literal.
Associative (Fire & Water) vs. Sequential (Air & Earth)
 is axis is closely related to right-brain vs. left- brain, but it merits special consideration.  ese qualities in uence how we process and contextualize information. Associative, which is how the right brain processes information, looks for non-linear connections and relationships to identify each experience or piece of information. Sequential, which is how the left brain processes information, is linear, drawing connections only between what immediately precedes and immediately follows.
Subjective (Fire & Water) vs. Objective (Air & Earth)
Subjective means based on personal opinions and bias, while objective means being free from personal opinions or bias. It’s important not to confuse this axis with feeling vs. thinking.  oughts can be either objective or subjective, and so can feelings.
Personal (Fire & Water) vs. Impersonal (Air & Earth)
 is axis is closely related to subjective vs. objective, but it’s not the same thing. When something is personal, your subjective perspective is focused on how things a ect you. Personal can also extend to your subjective ideas of how things a ect other people (although mostly this involves you projecting your ideas of how you would be a ected). When something is impersonal, it’s objective, but it’s also speci cally unconcerned with how it will a ect you (or anyone else).
Context (Fire & Water) vs. Content (Air & Earth)
Fire and Water are primarily concerned with context. Context is what gives meaning to things. Context is largely subjective because it depends on the perspective of your current level of consciousness. Earth and Air are primarily concerned with content. Content is the thing itself. It’s largely objective, but without context, it has no meaning. Content gives you the name of an object; context tells you the function.
Truth (Fire & Water) vs. Reality (Air & Earth)
 is axis takes some explaining. Fire and Water move up and down the levels of consciousness. Fire rises
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