Page 2 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 12 • November/December 2017
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Astrology is a language, and learning to speak a foreign language is a signi cant undertaking. Working with keywords is a lot like working with a foreign language phrase book. As a tourist, a good phrase book is useful. But if you want to become  uent in a foreign language, you need to move beyond the phrase book. And if you want to become  uent in astrology,
you need to move beyond keywords.
The four elements represent the four realms of existence: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. The three modalities represent different modes of expression and reveal how and why a planet expresses.
The qualities of the elements and modalities combine to create our understanding of the signs.
Cooking isn’t the same as baking. You can’t throw together butter, sugar, eggs, and  our and end up with cake batter, and you can’t throw together a planet, the sign, the houses ruled, and the house occupied and end up with a synthesized interpretation. You have to combine the ingredients in the correct order, using speci c techniques. Each step in the process builds on the previous step. Synthesized chart interpretation isn’t cooking; it’s baking.
Beyond Keywords: Becoming Fluent in the
Language of Astrology
Qualities of the Elements, Modalities, and Signs
Putting it Together:
Talented Astrologer
How to Construct a Synthesized Chart Interpretation

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