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nothing special about my keyword lists: you could create your own lists just as I created these. I did all of the work speci cally so my students
won’t have to.
When learning the grammar
random keywords helps you to create new references for possible behaviors. Combining both lower- and higher-consciousness keywords in the same sentence emphasizes the range of behaviors and helps to eliminate any prejudices you may have about certain planets or signs
guide you, and you assemble a complete interpretation of the chart piece by piece. You use the blueprint sentences to create notes, sketch sentences, and observations, and you gradually transition from the symbols of astrology to practical, concrete descriptions that a client can understand.  e keywords are important tools in this process.
Once you’ve mastered the structure and fully understand the rules of grammar and syntax of the language of astrology, you’re ready for the next phase.  e  rst phase helps you to go wide, but the second phase is about going deep. Depth is essential if you hope to use astrology as a counseling tool. If you’re giving a chart reading the objective is to get
and syntax of the language of
astrology, you begin with blueprint
template sentences that ensure
you’re maintaining the correct
relationships between the planet,
sign, houses ruled, and house
occupied. When writing these only useful during the sentences, you  ll in the blanks  rst phase of chart
with random keywords associated interpretation training. with the appropriate sign, element, Developing chart interpretation
and modality. Any combination of keywords will describe one possible way that planet-sign combination could express—and working with
skills is a process. During the  rst phase of the process, you focus on the structure. You rely on the blueprint template sentences to
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(and we all have our astrological prejudices!).
But keywords are

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