Page 15 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 12 • November/December 2017
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One of my favorite James  urber cartoons has the caption, “How could I tell the man what happened when I didn’t know the French for, ‘I have  ushed my passport,’?” I love this cartoon because to me, it captures the essence of James  urber, one of the most in uential American humorists of the 20th century. I also love
this cartoon because it illustrates one of the challenges of learning astrology.
Astrology is a language, and learning to speak a foreign language is a signi cant undertaking. If you’re preparing for a trip to Europe, you may start out with dreams of conversing in perfect Italian with the natives and enjoying their shock when they discover that you weren’t born in Italy because your speech is so  awless. But chances are you’ll end up relying on the standard Italianphrasebooktohelpyounavigatethecountry.
When you begin to learn the language of astrology, you start out with dreams of being able to analyze and
discuss a person’s natal chart, o ering them deep and practical insights into their lives. But chances are, you’ll end up relying on astrological keywords to help you navigate the chart.
Working with keywords is a lot like working with a foreign language phrase book. As a tourist in a country where you don’t speak the language,
a good phrase book can help you to navigate the
city and communicate in broad, essential terms. You can ask for directions to the museum, you can
order dinner at a restaurant, you can hail a taxi, and you can request more towels from the front desk
of your hotel. But you can’t stray very far from the pre-packaged conversations. If you want to become  uent in a foreign language, you need to move beyond the phrase book. And if you want to become  uent in astrology, you need to move beyond keywords.
Keywords are extremely valuable.
One of the main features of the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook (included as part of the Online Natal Astrology Class) is a comprehensive list of keywords. I spent  ve or
six hours working with an online thesaurus to create these keyword lists. Each sign has over 130 keywords associated
with it, divided into “lower-consciousness keywords” and “higher-consciousness
keywords.”  ere’s
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