Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 12 • November/December 2017
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BAeyond Astrological Keywords
strology is the study of cycles. But I’ve recently discovered that the study of astrology has cycles of its own. You begin with the basics, learning how the planets, signs, and houses follow the rules of
grammar and syntax of the language of astrology. But to go deeper, to take your interpretations to the next level, you have to go back to the beginning once more. Beyond Keywords: Becoming Fluent in the Language of Astrology (on page 16) addresses the value of keywords and considers what’s next. When you give serious consideration to the essential qualities of the elements and modalities, you can reach a place where you understand where the keywords come from and why they describe a planet in a sign.  is understanding transforms the keywords, giving them new life and energizing your interpretations. Read about the Qualities of the Elements, Modalities, and Signs on page 22.
In many ways, this issue was made possible by the students in the 2017 Online Relationship Astrology Class.  e intention of that class is to develop synthesized chart interpretation skills, but this year, the students were struggling with the material.  ey were stuck at the level of keywords because I hadn’t trained them to activate those keywords so they could build on them. I spent more than two months of intense exploration and experimentation that will result in substantial improvements to all of my classes in 2018. Not only did I come out of this with a deeper understanding of the qualities of the elements, modalities, and signs, but I also created a new model for synthesized chart interpretation. Read about it in Putting it Together: How to Construct a Synthesized Chart Interpretation starting on page 48.
And of course you’ll  nd all of the regular columns, too, including the latest episode of The Real Houses of Astrology.
Kevin B. Burk Publisher & Editor
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