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 e Fifth House also relates to the dynamics of risk and reward. Games, competition, gambling, and speculation all belong to the Fifth House. When evaluating the Fifth House in a natal chart, it can suggest your natural tolerance for risk and uncertainty.
 is shows up in your attitude towards money and investments (mutual funds or a night at the casino?) as well as your attitude towards sex (rhythm method or Planned Parenthood?). Every amusement and recreational activity has a cost.  e condition of the Fifth House and the ruler of the Fifth House suggest what you’re willing to pay.
 e Fifth House has also evolved to include personal creativity and self-expression.  is still carries a common theme. All Fifth House activities involve
you risking something personal and giving of yourself, with the hope that you will receive recognition, love, appreciation, validation, or good fortune in return.
Whether it’s through art, sport, gambling, or sex, Fifth House activities make you aware that you are alive, and
connect you with the joy of life.
Planets in the Fifth House
Planets that occupy the Fifth House want to have fun.  ey’re more interested in play than in work, and they
will take center stage during games or competitions.
The Ruler of the Fifth House in a Natal Chart
 e planet that rules your Fifth House represents your pursuit of fun, creativity, and self-expression.
Aries or Scorpio on the Fifth House
If you have Aries or Scorpio on the cusp of your Fifth House, Mars, the Archetype of the Warrior is your
fun, creativity, and self-expression. When you play a game, you play to win. You are a  erce competitor, and your Warrior self takes over when you engage in Fifth House activities.  is may not always be appropriate, especially if other people involved don’t share your competitive nature. Remember that you ultimately compete against yourself.  e objective
Succedent House 5th The Fifth House is a
succedent house; it
follows and supports the
Fourth House. The Forth House is your family and your ancestors; the Fifth House is your children and your offspring.
The Fifth House is not a particularly prominent house. It’s not associated with an angle, so it has no direct access to the outside world, and it’s below the horizon, so it’s hidden. However, the Fifth House is considered to be a fortunate house, and planets that occupy the Fifth House receive a +2 score in prominence.
The Fifth House describes your relationship with your children, and with your casual romantic partners.
Triggers to the Fifth House and/or the ruler of the Fifth House affect your pleasure, entertainment, creativity, and amusement. If you have children, triggers to the Fifth House may involve them, but it’s important to recognize that triggers to your Fifth House only influence your stories and perceptions about your children or your relationships with your children; they don’t affect your actual children.
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