Page 61 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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day. Protesting is not helpful. When you  ght against something, you only make it stronger.  e di erence between  ghting against what’s wrong and standing up for what’s right is critical.
 is does not have to involve politics or world events. You can’t directly a ect the outside world, but you can transform your own consciousness. You can choose to live in integrity and you can cultivate compassion for everyone. As di cult as this may be to accept, the
inner work you do for yourself makes the most profound and powerful contributions to the world.
If you are called to participate in
the outer story, act from this place
of truth. Make your voice heard by
calling the o ce of your Senators and
Representatives. Call and let them
know how you expect them to vote.
Express your displeasure when they
support bad legislation, and express
your support when they stand up
for the American people and the
Constitution.  e simple fact is
that your elected o cials — both at
the state and national level—care
primarily about keeping their jobs. And their jobs are to represent you and your views.
Set aside just 5 minutes a week to call your representatives and make your voice heard. And you must pick up the phone and call. Phone calls disrupt the o ce.  ey are logged and noted. And they have far more impact than letters, emails, or tweets. And if you’re in the United States, there’s even a new website that makes it easy for you to contact your representatives about important issues: It provides you
with the phone numbers of your representatives and other key  gures, and scripts for each phone call to make it easy for you to make your voice heard.
If your representative is beyond redemption,  nd another candidate to replace them in the next election.
Volunteer at a campaign o ce, and donate to candidates you support.
If the political arena doesn’t call to you,  nd a group or organization that is making a positive contribution to the world, and support it. Support
Planned Parenthood, or the ACLU, or the Red Cross, or the Humane Society. Volunteer at your local food bank. Even a small act of compassion makes a large contribution to human consciousness.
Mastering your Anger is more important than ever.
Anger is the fuel of transformation. Anger is like  re: it’s a powerful source of energy, but you have to know how to control it. When you
consciously direct the energy of your anger, it becomes a positive, creative force in your life that can help you to become truly happy. If you don’t consciously direct the energy of your anger, it becomes
dangerous and destructive.
My book, Anger Mastery: Get Angry Get Happy
is a powerful, practical handbook that teaches how to master the energy of Anger, get out of Victim Consciousness, and take back your power. Learn more at
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