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some important things. First, the world didn’t end. Second, you’re probably less upset and less angry than you’ve been in quite some time.
 ere will always be opportunities for you to get angry.  ere is more than enough injustice in the world to go around. But if you hope to be part of the
solution, you have to stop being part of the problem. Remember, the whole
New York Times, Associated Press (AP), NBC News, and ABC News. Do not seek out pundits who feed your ego and support your personal worldview. Seek out journalists and reporters who are committed to veri able facts and objective truth. And if you’re not willing to take your news straight, then abstain from
the discussion entirely.
Remember, the news is political story is a MacGu n. “Every time you choose none of your business. If
 e real story is the Truth and integrity, you it a ected you, personally, transformation of human right now, you wouldn’t need consciousness.  e real not only increase your Anderson Cooper to tell you
challenges are all within you. Every time you choose Truth and integrity, you not only
own happiness, but you contribute to the
about it. All the news can do is make you angry. And if you’re not able to use the energy of your anger in constructive ways, it’s best
increase your own happiness,
but you contribute to the
greater good.  ere is is absolutely no need to avoid it altogether. absolutely no need to engage Even though the political
with the political story.
to engage with the political story.”
story fails to meet the criteria of “My Business” because it doesn’t a ect you, personally, right now, and it’s not
However, if you
choose to engage
with the political
story, it’s imperative that you curate
your responsibility, there is something you can do about it.
Stand up for the Truth at all times.
 ere will be many opportunities for public demonstration, and these demonstrations are important.  e Women’s Marches around the world the day after Trump’s inauguration were sterling examples of peaceful resistance.
But being a part of a public demonstration is not enough. To a ect change — both in your own life and in the world — you must live your truth every single
greater good. There
your news sources.
Avoid social media click-bait and do not believe anything you read in your Facebook newsfeed unless you take the time to verify the source. Fake news is a clear and present danger to the very fabric of our society. You must seek out objective journalism (it’s
endangered, but it still exists).
Veri able, objective news sources with a minimum
of bias (either left or right) include: National Public Radio (NPR), BBC,  e Washington Post,  e
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