Page 59 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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What’s done is done. All that matters is what comes next.
From this moment on, choose to live your own life in absolute integrity.
 is is both easier and more di cult than it sounds. It’s easy because living your life in absolute integrity
Nothing going on in the government is any of your business.
It’s extremely unlikely that anything going on in the government a ects you, personally, right now.  at your rights may be curtailed at some point in the future does not make it any of your business right now. All
mainly requires that you limit
yourself to “My Business,” “Unless you
and stop concerning yourself with things that are either “Other People’s Business” or
“God’s Business.” Once you drop everything that is not “My Business,” you step out of Victim Consciousness and into integrity. You take back
appreciate that nothing associated
with politics is any of your business,
For something to qualify as contribution.” “My Business,” it must meet
all three of these conditions:
1. It must a ect you, personally, right now.
2. It must be your responsibility.
3. You must be able to do something about it. Anything that does not meet all three of these criteria
simultaneously is not your business. Drop the story and step away from it.
It’s that easy.
Of course, it’s also incredibly di cult because there’s a world of fascinating things out there that are none of your damned business. Like politics, the news, and absolutely everything going on with the government.
business, you can’t make any kind of meaningful contribution.
you can’t make any
enjoy a signi cant increase kind of meaningful that nothing associated in happiness. with politics is any of your
that matters is what exists
in the present moment. Since you’re probably not
an elected o cial creating, debating, or voting on any of the legislation, there’s nothing happening in the government that is your responsibility.
 at there may be things you can do to a ect change is irrelevant at the moment. Unless you appreciate
Consider a complete media fast for a few weeks.
Don’t check Facebook, or if you must, neither read nor respond to anything remotely political that shows up in your newsfeed. Don’t watch the news. Don’t read any newspapers. Don’t engage in any kind of political discussion with anyone, either online or in person.
As with any fast, the  rst few days will be the hardest. You may experience withdrawal symptoms. Feel free to distract yourself with a selection of cat videos on YouTube. After a week or so, however, you will notice
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