Page 58 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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But MacGuf ns also exist in real life.
We are living in a time of unprecedented change. Everyone is up in arms about the state of the world, and of particular concern are the alarming shifts towards fascism taking place in the United States, but none of
that really matters. Politics is a MacGu n.
 e upheaval we’re witnessing in the world is the consequence of an unprecedented shift in human consciousness. And although the con ict seems to be
unfolding in the outside world, the real battle is taking place within each of us.
Stop blaming other people for the state of the world.
Blame accomplishes nothing constructive. All blame does is ensure that the conditions that you dislike the most will continue uninterrupted.
As hard as it may be to accept, the truth is that every human being always chooses what he or she believes will bring the greatest good.  is applies to elected o cials
(and appointed ones), too. Unfortunately, most of the time, people are completely wrong, and their choices and actions make things worse for everyone, but you
What’s at stake is happiness.
As you address the stressful “Playing the blame
stories, judgments, and beliefs game and pointing and tell the truth about them,
can’t hold anyone personally accountable for that.
Human beings are  awed. We lack the inherent ability you increase the vibration fingers may give you to tell the di erence between
of your consciousness and
experience more happiness. a few moments of
truth and falsehood. Just because you may have the right idea about some things,
And because we are all connected, when you raise your vibration, you help raise the collective vibration
of humanity.
 is requires a bit of a
balancing act. You need to engage with the MacGu n while remembering the truth that it’s not really about politics or current events. You can do this by
righteous superiority, I promise you, you also have but it won’t change the wrong idea about other things. And there’s nothing
anything about the reality we currently face.”
in the world anyone could do to convince you otherwise.
Playing the blame game and pointing  ngers may give you a few moments of righteous superiority, but it
Step 1: Stop blaming people for the state of the world.
Step 2: Live your own life in absolute integrity. Step 3: Stand up for the Truth.
following three simple
won’t change anything about the reality we currently face.
Speci cally, stop judging other people based on how they participated in the 2016 election.  ere were no good choices.  e system was (and is) broken. Every single person chose what he or she believed to be in his or her best interest at the time.
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