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on an unconscious and subconscious level, however, and the reserve of guilt and shame would grow steadily, making him feel increasingly unsafe.  is would prompt him to take random, inconstant, and very public action
with his Mars in Gemini in the Tenth House, and since those actions would always use force, they would make the situation worse, adding to his guilt, and increasing his subconscious need for someone to step in and hold him accountable.
WithSaturninLeo,partofwhatSimpsonstruggledwith was celebrity; Saturn in Leo has strong judgment about
but unconsciously, he needed her to own her Saturn in Capricorn and stand up to him.
Because Simpson’s Neptune conjoins Brown’s Moon, she was unable to see the lack of safety in the relationship, even when it became obvious to everyone else.
 e  rst documented assault occurred on January 1, 1989, four months after Brown gave birth to their second child. It’s quite possible that since Brown  rst became a mother, that her attention began to shift from Simpson
to her daughter. With the birth of the second child, her Saturn in Capricorn responsibilities may have kicked in. Whatever the circumstances,
being too big and too much in
the spotlight. Ironically, it was
probably Simpson’s success and
celebrity that made it harder
for him to own his Saturn and
learn to become accountable. Nomatterhowbadhisbehavior,
he couldn’t get other people to
restrain him—and ultimately
punish him—so he could let
go of some of his reserves of
unconscious guilt.  e trine from Neptune to his Mars also contributed to this, making it more di cult for other people to perceive his actions for what they were.
 e attraction between Simpson and Brown is very clear.  ey both needed intense, extremely intimate emotional connections. Brown used the fog of being in love and the in ated balance in her Validation Need account to mask her inherent challenges with feeling safe. She was more than happy to give her power to Simpson and allow him unfettered access (violating her emotional and energetic boundaries) because that enabled her to avoid her own issues with Saturn and accountability. Simpson
“Because Simpson’s Neptune conjoins Brown’s Moon, she was unable
to see the lack of safety in the relationship, even when it became obvious to everyone else.”
Simpson’s lack of safety and validation reached a critical low in the relationship, and he reacted with physical violence
and abuse.
Simpson was held accountable
for the assault. He was tried and convicted on May 24, 1989, but he only received a  ne,
120hoursofcommunityservice, and mandatory counseling.  is was not nearly enough of a
consequence to relieve his guilt.
Brown  nally divorced Simpson in 1992, but she still kept
Simpson in her life as parent to her children. Perhaps she still couldn’t face having to discipline them herself. Even after Simpson threatened her on October 25, 1993, she was still unable to realize the danger she faced.
Simpson had such powerful attachments to Brown that he was unable to let go of her.  ese attachments drove him to increasing levels of irrational behavior, disconnected from any basis in reality, thanks to the in uence of Neptune (both his and Brown’s).
welcomed the merging with Brown on an emotional level,
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