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her Safety Need Account. Unfortunately, it also disables her ability to sense genuine danger.  ere is virtually no way that Brown could ever view Simpson as any kind of
a threat.
 e Neptune conjunct Moon aspect is the reason
Brown stayed with Simpson as long as she did, and the reason she let him stay in her life after the divorce. Because her safety alarms were completely disabled, the squares from Simpson’s Saturn and Pluto to Brown’s Mercury didn’t cause any signi cant challenges.  e conjunction to the Moon was even powerful enough to overcome the inherent safety issues when Simpson’s Neptune square Brown’s Venus revealed that Simpson was most de nitely not the man she thought he was, something that must have certainly crossed her mind when he beat her on January 1, 1989 (for which he was sentenced and  ned on May 24, 1989). For most people, that would make them feel so unsafe that they would leave the relationship, but thanks to the Neptune conjunct Moon, Brown was unwilling to end the relationship until she  nally divorced Simpson three years later in 1992.
Summary of the Relationship of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson
Astrology does not predict behavior. I bring this up here because many astrologers would go into the analysis of this particular couple expecting to see some kind of clear connection that de nes their relationship as (alleged) murder and victim. It doesn’t exist.
Clearly, there are powerful karmic connections between Simpson and Brown, but it’s not possible to know the details of those connections. I was as objective as I could be with these interpretations, and only tied them to speci c facts about the subjects in one or two places. In every other instance, I analyzed the astrology and made my sketches and observations without considering what I know (or think I know) about the subjects.
What I found so fascinating about Simpson’s chart was how everything hinged on his ability to move into Right Relationship with Saturn. So long as his Saturn remained in his Twelfth House unconscious, Simpson would be unable to establish or maintain
appropriate boundaries, or to accept responsibility for his boundary violations. He would be aware of these
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