Page 53 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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more signi cant. We’ve noted how important Simpson’s Mars is with regards to his Safety and Validation Needs: whenever his needs
are not being met, he will act out publicly through his Mars in Gemini in the Tenth House.  e quincunx from Brown’s Saturn in Simpson’s Fifth House suggests that when Brown does take on the role of
authority and limit,
restrict, judge or
punish Simpson, that
it will have an unexpected (and apparently unrelated) consequence, causing Simpson to act out in some other area.
 e square from Brown’s Pluto will tend to make Simpson’s reactions bigger and more explosive. But the real problem is the quincunx from her Neptune to his Mars. Simpson already has Mars trine Neptune in his natal chart, which makes his actions (and reactions to any drop in safety or validation) somewhat unfocused and possibly fueled by fantasy, illusion, glamour, and misconceptions.  e quincunx from Brown’s Neptune to Simpson’s Mars suggests that when he’s triggered to act, he may su er from a critical loss of reality testing.
 e combination of disillusionment and fantasy is very dangerous, particularly when it surrounds the
expression of Mars, which, in extreme cases, relates to anger, rage, and violence.
Karmic Connections from O.J. Simpson to Nicole Brown Simpson
For Brown, the most important Karmic aspects involve her Moon. Simpson’s Saturn and Neptune both sextile her Moon from the Sixth House. Brown has Moon square Saturn in her natal chart, so the sextile from Simpson’s Saturn is very supportive, and helps her to feel safe. But the single most important karmic aspect for Brown is the partile conjunction from Simpson’s Neptune to her Seventh House Moon in Libra, with an orb of only 9 minutes.  e fog of Neptune means that Brown would be blissfully unaware of any issues with
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