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signi cant, though that Saturn also rules the Twelfth House. Her friends may turn out to be hidden enemies.
All three of Brown’s relationship houses are strongly connected, although most of the connections are very mixed. Her Moon (Fifth House) is quincunx Mercury(SeventhHouse),whichsuggestsdi cultymovingacasualrelationship to a serious one. However, her Moon is in the Seventh House; moreover, the Moon is the almuten of Mercury (8 votes on Mercury’s Board of Directors forExaltation,Triplicity,andFace),whileMercuryhas3votesontheMoon’s Board of Directors for Triplicity. Finally, both the Moon and Mercury report to Venus. All of this suggests Brown has a very easy time moving from the Fifth House to the Seventh House. (In fact, she only had a Fifth House relationship with Simpson for a very
short time—she moved in with him almost immediately after they started dating, moving the relationship  rmly into the Seventh House!)
already seen, suggests that Brown expects the husband/father to be the breadwinner and be responsible for the  nances and resources in the relationship. Jupiter is in the Ninth House, suggesting that the woman (her mother) was either foreign, or traveled long distances. It might also suggest that the husband/father pays the bills while the wife/mother pursues higher education.
Brown’s Moon is square Saturn, and
Saturn has 4 votes (Exaltation) on the
Moon’s Board of Directors, while the
Moon has 3 votes (Triplicity) on Saturn’s
Board of Directors.  is suggests that
she will  nd it challenging to stay
friends with her former Fifth House partners,althoughshemayfeelcompelledtodoso.
 ere’s not much information of use in this Marriage Blueprint, other than another repetition of the  nancial aspects of relationships.
We’ve noted how money and resources (particularly Eighth House shared resources) factor in Brown’s Safety and Validation Needs, so at least this part of her Marriage Blueprint supports her in feeling safe and validated.
“The more intense and powerful the emotional connections, and the weaker the boundaries, the more validated she will feel. So long as she can maintain this altered state of being completely
‘in love’ with her partner, she won’t notice how unsafe she feels.”
 e connections between Brown’s Seventh House and Eleventh Houses are far less complicated. Mercury (Seventh House) is trine Saturn (Eleventh House), andalsohas2votesforTermonSaturn’sBoardofDirectors.It’seasyforBrown to stay friends with her former Seventh House partners, and she could also movefromanEleventhHousefriendshiptoaSeventhHousemarriage.
Nicole Brown Simpson’s Marriage Blueprint
In Brown’s Marriage Blueprint, Mercury in Taurus in the Second House represents her father, and Jupiter in Scorpio in the Ninth House represents her mother. Mercury and Jupiter oppose each other by sign, but not by aspect, and have no other connections. Mercury is in the Second House, which, as we’ve
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