Page 48 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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with an emphasis in Fire, because she may feel she lacks these qualities in herself, although the passion and intensity that comes from planets in Fire signs is often similar to the emotional intensity associated with planets in Water signs. She may also  nd partners with an emphasis in Air signs quite appealing, particularly as the one planet she has in Air is her
Moon in Libra.
Brown’s Descendant and Vertex
are both in Virgo, so on a conscious and unconscious level, she  nds the practical, analytical, discriminating qualities of Virgo very appealing.
Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign, and it’s the only one of the Earth signs that is comfortable operating in the mental and intellectual realms usually associated with the Air signs. In fact, this seems to  t particularly well with Brown’s Safety Needs: her Moon is in Libra (an Air sign), but the greatest number of votes on the Moon’s Board of Directors come from planets in Earth signs (Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury in Taurus).
We’ve considered Brown’s Fifth House (and her Moon, the ruler of the Fifth House) extensively, but not with regards to her love a airs and
casual romantic relationships.  at Venus is in her Fifth House, and so involved with her Moon, suggests
that Brown will seek Validation in her Fifth House relationships.  e more intense and powerful the emotional connections, and the weaker the boundaries, the more Validated she will feel. So long as she can maintain this altered state of being completely
“in love” with her partner, she won’t notice how unsafe she feels. Should the emotional connections ever weaken or be disrupted, however, she will become instantly aware of the utter lack of safety, and will probably end the relationship.
Brown’s Fifth House partners are one place where she can rebel
against the rules and tyranny of her Saturn in Capricorn. Brown may  nd that she is drawn to romantic partners who in no way meet with the expectations or approval of her parents, friends, or even society in general.  e main appeal of the “bad boy” or inappropriate boyfriend is the discomfort it will cause one’s parents.
Mercury in Taurus rules Brown’s Seventh House of marriage; Mercury also rules her Fourth House, and is the almuten of the Eighth House. Brown’s Mercury is in her Second House, which suggests that she bene ts  nancially from marriage.
We could even go so far as to suggest that she also bene ts  nancially from divorce, because Mercury is also the almuten of the Eighth House (partner’s money), and Mercury in the Second House could be seen as alimony. Because Mercury also rules the Fourth House, Brown may marry a man who reminds her of her father.
Finally, Saturn in Capricorn rules her Eleventh House of friendships. Saturn, as we’ve noted, is the most digni ed planet in Brown’s chart. Her friendships are apt to be very important to her — and because Saturn is in the Tenth House, she’s likely to meet her friends through her career and public persona. It’s
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