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responsibilities of reality is never helpful.
Finally, we’ll consider the overall dynamic of Brown’s Safety and Validation Needs as we consider the square between the Moon and Venus. I’ll confess that I had great resistance to viewing the Fifth
House in the context of children. I broke down and reviewed Brown’s biography (because I knew little about her life), and far from being a “party girl,” she was instead, a devoted wife and mother. Given the inherent challenges of the Moon in Libra square Venus in Cancer, and the fact that the tension of squares is resolved through taking external action, a focus on children seems to resolve most of the challenges. It’s appropriate to have a deep, emotional, nurturing bond with one’s children, and to experience love and validation from them.
 is meets the needs of both the Moon and Venus, and so long as her children depend on her, she will be happy.
 is doesn’t quite address the challenge of the Moon in the Seventh House, however. Brown craves the love and appreciation
(and emotional dependence) from her children, but also abhors having to stand up for herself or deal with
any kind of confrontation.  e main role of her partner may be to be the disciplinarian, so she can always appear charming and conciliatory (Libra). Her parenting style may have run the gamut from “We’ll have to ask your father,” to “Just wait until your father gets home!”
Nicole Brown Simpson’s Relationship Wants
Brown has three planets each in Earth and Water, no planets in Fire, and one planet in Air. She also has
four Cardinal planets, three Fixed planets, and no Mutable planets. She may be attracted to partners
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