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of the Moon and Saturn would be a big mistake.  e opposition to her Sun means this would involve denying her authentic “Big S” Self.  e square from Chiron in
Aquarius in the Twelfth House suggests an unconscious (Twelfth House) core wound (Chiron) relating to group acceptance (Aquarius), and the Fixed squares carry a larger issue with self-worth and self-esteem. If she embraces Jupiter to meet her Validation Needs (in an attempt to
escape Saturn), it will cost her self-respect, self-esteem, and integrity, and create a signi cant drain on her Safety Need account, which will defeat the purpose.
Aspects to Nicole Brown Simpson’s Venus
Saturn in the Tenth House opposes Brown’s Venus in the Fifth House, giving her “Checklists from Hell” for her Validation Needs as well as for her Safety Needs. It’s interesting to note that the Saturn judgments (for both the Moon and Venus) come from her Eleventh House. She would be the most sensitive to the judgments, perceptions — and expectations — of her friends, peers, and teammates.  is could also re ect how her professional ambitions and long-term goals (Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House) are at odds with her immediate Safety and Validation Needs. Brown’s entire
Finally, Mars in Cancer in the Fifth House has 3 votes
for Triplicity on Venus’ “In the context of her Board of Directors.
Mars rules the Second
and Ninth Houses in
Brown’s chart. We see
Validation Needs, embracing her Jupiter as way to meet her Validation Needs and avoid the challenges of the Moon and Saturn would be a big mistake.”
yet another iteration of the Fifth House, so there’s no question how important it is to Brown. Mars in Cancer looks for Validation by taking compassionate, nurturing
(Cancer) action (Mars) in her Fifth House relationships (i.e., with her children). Mars rules the Second House of money and resources, bringing money into the picture yet again.
Mars actually controls Jupiter: Mars has 8 votes on Jupiter’s Board of Directors (Rulership and Triplicity) and Mars is Trine Jupiter. And Mars is also free of any
interference from Saturn.  is suggests that Brown will pour all of her energy towards growth and expansion into taking action in her Fifth House to feel loved and appreciated.
life, in fact, may be one long struggle with delayed grati cation.  e catch is that with Saturn in Capricorn creating all of the challenges, no matter how long she waits (and works), she will never get to experience the rewards.
Brown will probably rely on the trine between Venus and Neptune to escape these restrictions and limitations. Venus trine Neptune often relates to patterns of hopeless romanticism and being in love with love. Brown may carry the
expectation that all of her problems will magically disappear when she meets her prince and rides o  into the sunset to live happily ever after. In moderation, this can be a supportive escape, allowing Brown to maintain a high enough balance in her Validation Need account to make up for any de cits in her Safety Need Account. If taken to the extreme, however, it can create signi cant challenges; constructing a fantasy world to escape the
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