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and judgment.  e square from Saturn to the Moon simply means that these judgments have a direct negative e ect on Brown’s ability to feel safe. Nothing Brown does will quite be good enough for Saturn to authorize a full deposit in her Safety Need account.  ere’s little doubt that Brown su ers from
“Checklists from Hell” and that the unconscious expectations she has about what she needs to feel safe are unreasonable and unattainable. Because Saturn is so strong, and Brown has a predisposition to defer, and give away her power to strong authority  gures, she’s unlikely ever to question her expectations.
 e square of Saturn to her Moon (ruling the Fifth House), not to mention the opposition of Saturn
to Venus occupying her Fifth House puts a signi cant damper on how much fun Brown can have in her Fifth House.  is further supports the idea that she may channel all of her energy into her children. Raising children requires that she be responsible (which suits Saturn), so this may be the easiest way for her to garner Saturn’s approval and experience a reasonable amount of safety (and validation).
Nicole Brown Simpson’s Validation Needs
Brown’s Venus is in Cancer in the
Fifth House; her Venus rules the  ird House and Eighth Houses, and is the almuten of her First House. Because Venus has such a prominent role with regards to
Brown’s Safety Needs, we’ve already identi ed many of the important themes about how Brown feels loved and appreciated.
Brown has a Water Validation Checklist, so in order for her to feel loved and appreciated, she really has to feel love and appreciation.
 e emotional and spiritual connections are mandatory; without them, Brown won’t receive
any deposits in her Validation Need account.  is, of course, is somewhat challenging because Brown’s Moon is in Libra, and therefore she’s not very comfortable with deep, untidy, emotions, and the square between the Moon and Venus keeps this particular con ict
front and center at all times. We’vealsoexploredhowthe ird House, Eighth House, and Fifth Houses play out with regards to Brown’s Validation Needs, because she needs to meet her Validation
Needs to feel safe.
 e only new piece of information
to add to the mix with regards to her Validation Needs is the fact that her Venus is also in Face.  is deepens the inevitable attachment Brown has, whereby she must meet her Validation Needs to feel safe.Brownisactivelyafraidofnot being loved and appreciated. As
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