Page 43 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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Finally, Mercury in Taurus in
the Second House has 3 votes
(Triplicity) on the Moon’s
Board of Directors. Mercury
rules the Fourth House and
Seventh Houses, and is the
almuten of the Eighth House.
Mercury brings even more
Earth to the Moon in Libra’s
Board of Directors (along
with Saturn in Capricorn),
suggesting an unexpectedly
practical and material basis for
Brown’s Safety Needs. Mercury
also brings the question of
money into sharper focus.
Mercury rules the Seventh
House of Brown’s marriage
partner, and is the almuten of
the Eighth House of shared
resources and her partner’s
money (ruled by Venus) — and
Mercury occupies Brown’s
Second House of her money
and resources. Looking at this from the context of Brown’s Safety Needs (Moon’s Board of Directors), she will be more inclined to give away her power to her partner in exchange for  nancial and material (Second/ Eighth Houses) stability, support, and even luxury (Taurus). Mercury, of course, needs communication and understanding, so to feel safe (Moon’s Board of Directors), Brown would need to understand the division of resources into “yours, mine, and ours.”
 at Mercury rules the Fourth House suggests that comfort and stability is important in her home and
personal life — and that disruptions here will have a negative e ect on her safety.
Aspects to Nicole Brown Simpson’s Moon
As mentioned earlier, Brown’s Moon and Venus are square each other and her Moon and Saturn are square each other. We’ll explore the Moon-Venus square in more detail shortly. As far as the Moon-Saturn square goes, there’s not much new to add here. We’ve already noted how strong Brown’s Saturn is, and how her “inner parent” may provide a non-stop stream of criticism
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